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>>>Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

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>>>Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Despite being a member of the forum since last June this is actually my first thread on the Japan forum as I’ve been focusing more on my holiday photo threads on other local forums, plus all my Japanese photos were wiped out when my hard drive crashed shortly after I joined this site. I’ve accumulated quite a few photos since then and will post them here over the next few months; in the meantime here are some shots I took last November at one of Tokyo’s most interesting towers (and to my knowledge the only one with a free observation deck). Unlike my other threads, I haven’t included captions as I’m too busy preparing other holiday photo threads, so I’ll let the photos do the talking for a change. Enjoy.

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Nice - you've captured some clean lines there :)
A fine building there Nick.Such an imposing structure for the worlds biggest urban area.
nice building.........
reminds me of japanese wooden doors.........
I love it. By the way, which do you think gives the better views, the Tocho or Roppongi Mori Building? I think the Mori Building gives better views.
i'd say the mori building aswell tho its close
Does the Roppongi Mori Building have free admission to the observation deck though?
I heard that in the design stages it was noted that the facade resembled a microchip so they continued with that design trend.
can you post more pictures of the shinjuku park towers.
the pictures are very nice. I like the Park hyatt view too
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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