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wow great tour and pics

the area realy looks futuristic

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Castle_Bravo said:
WOW!! Shiodome is the most futuristic/modern place in the world!!
I agree.

This is one of the main reasons why I love the Tokyo Waterfront Area and why it's one of the best areas in Japan.

What I find shocking though is isn't over.

It's like when you tell locals and compliment on how amazing their area is, they will make comments such as: "You think this is awesome, then you'd be surprised that this is only the beginning." or better yet.... "If you think the Waterfront Area is amazingly insane, then you've seen nothing yet because THERE'S MORE!!!"


Like the pics from this site, , it just proves that if you think all of this is beautiful, then your only seeing the glass that is just half full.

What they're building now is what we supposed to get in 2050, only this time, they will have it 30-40 years ahead of schedule.

I gotta say that Japanese urban planning is so amazing, so modern and so advanced that these people are sick. Waaaay ahead of their time and waaaay thought out.

Hopefully when I get to Japan, the only area my family would stay for vacation is in the Waterfront Area. Most preferrably, I'm thinking of heading to the newest areas in the vicinity, Ariake up to the Toyosu area come in to my mind. Sure, I'll be visiting the older areas such as Shiodome, Roppongi Hills Central Business District, Odaiba area and others along the Waterfront as well but........after seeing this ( ), I feel that my ultimate preference would lie here for the following reasons:

-Very few vehicles in the area and thus, NO TRAFFIC :D
-Less people = less crowds = GOOD
-Newest roads & highways (spanking new and clean)
-Safest sidewalks and pedestrian lanes in the whole of Japan :eek:kay:

And the list goes on...........

Unfortunately, it's tough to get a tourist VISA to go to Japan so it may take a while before I can go there :(

Nevertheless, this my dream Japanese destination and I won't give up till I get there. :)


Btw coldstar, are they still building that European/Italian town in the Shiodome area??? Any news about it?

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Japan is stupendously wealthy. In my opinion Shiodome is the most modern new city district in the world. I do love Canary Wharf in London but this has more interesting skyscrapers and the public realm is slightly better despite the lack of water features that lend Canary Wharf a nautical vitality.

Look at the attention to detail in the paving... it is all immaculately clean and meticulously designed and maintained. Developments such as Shiodome set the standard for the world to follow as far as I'm concerned.
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