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Here are my pictures from the second day in Toledo, Ohio during my Midwest U.S. trip to Toledo, Chicago, and Detroit.

If you didn't see the first day in Toledo, you can view it here:

This tour focuses on Toledo's historic Old West End, some more of the Warehouse District, and highlights of the Indianapolis Indians and Toledo Mud Hens ball game at Fifth Third Field.

The Rosary Cathedral Church on Collingwood Boulevard in Old West Toledo. Built in 1931. Designed in the Spanish Plasteresque architectural style, meant to be in the spirit of its sister city, Toledo, Spain.

Rosary Cathedral School, also on Collingwood Boulevard.

Historic Jesup W. Scott High School on Collingwood Boulevard, built in 1913.

Collingwood Arts Center on Collingwood Boulevard

First Congregational Church, built in 1916.

Mansions on Collingwood Boulevard in Old West

Worship Hall

Homes and Mansions in the Old West End

The Leeper-Geddes House on Parkwood Avenue, built in 1903

Stranahan-Rothschild House, also on Parkwood Avenue, built in 1907

The Edward D. Libbey House, a U.S. National Historic Landmark. Built in 1895, it was the home of Edward Libbey, the founder of Libbey Glass in Toledo. The home is currently owned by the Libbey House foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to transform the home into a museum and interactive center focused on Toledo's history and the glass industry.

I was fortunate enough to tour inside on a day where only Libbey retirees and employees were allowed to tour, but the staff allowed me inside to check it out. I didn't take pictures inside to respect the preservation and because nobody else did.

More homes and mansions in Old West Toledo

Julius G. Lamson House on Scottwood Avenue, built in 1904

Ann Manor Condominiums, Tudor-style apartment building, built in 1929

Wright-Wilmington House on Scottwood Avenue, built in 1895

Tufford Arms Condominiums

Harold Arms Terrace

Moses G. Block House, house design is based on Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie-style, but wasn't actually designed by FLW. Built in 1909.

Julius H. Tyler House on Robinwood

Frederick O. Paddock House on Robinwood, built in 1892.

Albin B Tillinghast House, English Tudor-style mansion, built in 1901, built for a liquorice tycoon named Alvin Tillinghast who went bankrupt and turned the house over to the construction company, who then said it to Toledo industrialist John North Willys, founder of Willys-Overland.

Michael Henahan House, sandstone castle built in 1894. Romanesque architecture bearing resemblance to Henry Hobson Richardson's style

Toledo Museum of Art, said to be one of the finest in the United States, was founded in 1901 by Edward Libbey and features one of the largest glassworks collections in the world

Glass Pavilion

Professional Building

Building on Monroe Street, I guess showing Toledo pride...

Buildings in the Warehouse District

Hannon's Block, newly restored, waiting for tenants...

Spaghetti Warehouse, where I ate supper before the Mud Hens game...

Warehouse District before the game...

Entrance to Fifth Third Field, home of the Toledo Mud Hens of the International Baseball League, founded in 1893, is one of the oldest franchises in professional baseball and they are the Triple A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. The ballpark opened in 2002 and has a capacity of 11,000+.

Concourse inside the stadium

My seat inside the ball park...

View of downtown and my hotel, the Park Inn...

Start of the game...

Mud Hens up to bat...

Game tied at 2 already in the bottom of the second...

Mud Hens hit a homerun to take the lead!

Sun has set!

In extra innings now, score tied at 5, bottom of the 10th...

Mud Hens win off a walk-off single! First time they have won with me in attendance, record now 1-4.

Fireworks after the game...

Fifth Third Field entrance at night, after the game...

Fifth Third Field sign at night...

Hope you enjoyed the second day in Toledo!

Coming soon… Chicago and Detroit!

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Great pics again! Ya got lucky to see your first hens win. We were pretty terrible this year! Glad to see it was a packed house when you went. Just imagine that for a playoff game! Not sure how much you read the Toledo thread but the hens are allegedly buying up the 3 buildings next to frickers as well as the 2 buildings plus parking lot across the street from the stadium Behind the right field video board. So, by the next time you come down, the hens may have their own entertainment district. And possibly 200 more residents in the warehouse district if the berdan building ia finished by then

Also, if you'd want to tour some OWE homes, theres a festival in the summer with tours and tours randomly throughout the year.

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Wow! I'm just thoroughly entertained again, and thanks for being sober for the whole tour, although I think you might've had one or two at the game.:lol: Just kidding, I am really impressed. :applause:

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What great housing stock Toledo has. I can see these areas becoming very popular places to live over the next couple decades, if they aren't already. Nice job!
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