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Dr.Med. Tom Green
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Let me begin.

The pics are in order.

The original

And the reflection

Communication in Dubai is very difficult

A nice looking facade

A construction update. But i don´t know anything about this building^^

It is dangerous, but he don`t care^^^

A construction pic but again i don`t know anything about this building.

It really surprised me that there is so much green.

A nice looking vila

More pic comes later.
At the end i think i will upload more than 100 pics.

Dr.Med. Tom Green
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dubaiflo said:
great great and awesome...
some nice pics of the city. not just the uc part and the typical part where photos are made of...!
If you like the culture and street scene pics wait for day 3 ;)

D-L: Only if they don`t put there emporis sign on it.

I love Abu Dhabi.
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Tom Green i said this once and i will say it again :)

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES MAN , your a PRO , thank you very much

when your done uploading them , do u mind if i use them with city vs Dubai polls !!! to prove to people its not a fake plastic city :(

Dr.Med. Tom Green
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After this i walked the SZR on the left side close to Burj Dubai and than to EMAAR Sales Office.
I seperate now the uc pics from the normal pics.

The uc pics are in order. I don`t really know the name of every building so it would be nice if you help me with this.

1.This building stands close to the World Trade Center

2.This building stand close to the World Trade Center, too. But it`s stands on the other side of the SZR.

3.This building is on the other side of the SZR, too.

4.The DIFC from the base of the Emirates Towers.

5.This building stand on the sea side of SZR and it is more far away from the city center.

6.Some more DIFC pics.




10.What they building there, i don`t know.

11.I hope someone know the building on the render.

12.This construction side is close to the Abcco Rotana Hotel

13.The Abbco Rotana Hotel

14.I think this is the Damas Tower

15.My closest pic to the Burj Dubai area >_<

16.Pics taken from the EMAAR Sales office area.

17.My best picof the Burj Dubai site >_<

Construction Paradise
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it would be easier if you numerate the pics you post, then it's easier to refer to a photo when we give you the names :)

post #8 from top to bottom
the new etisalat tower
capital towers
park place
gate precinct @ the gate

post #1 top to bottom / under c pics
manazel towers
al mankhool tower
bur juman mall office tower

uploaded manazel, etisalat, park place, al mankhool & bur juman office to emporis already

Under the Burj
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wow, awesome photos, i love them, you are a wheapon with a camera!

youve managed to make me love something i hated!
i can now look at this all day long and flunk uni....


Dr.Med. Tom Green
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Raza said:
hey tom green did you find dubai kind of empty with very few people?
If you have seen my Tokyo pics you must have recognised that i like to make pics with no people in it. I am not good at making pictures of people. They always starring at my camera. When i made the pic with the old house and the tree on the sidewalk a women was hiding in the entry of the house. I waited before everybody was gone to make the pics with the sidewalk and the many green. But i have to admit that on my first walk through the city i haven`t seen many people. There are 2 reasons for it. The first: the people in Dubai love to drive with there car. The fuel is very very cheap. The second: i walked very unlucky. From my hotel to the port to the SZR and to Burj Dubau. On day 3 you can see many, many people on the streets.

I have seen that my pics are used for the u/c threads. I have forgotton to tell you the excat date. The pics are from april 5th.

Dr.Med. Tom Green
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Stupid Jetlack. Yesterday i woked up at 4 o`clock and today at 6.

But now i have time to upload more pics :D

Dubai is really green, but not natural.

I am a christian but i respect other religions.

Let`s destroy the old and build something new, something better.

Look at the green ^^

A wall of skyscrapers.

It is not a pool.

More water.

The perfect job in a hot city :D

A nice pic of the tallest and the 3rd tallest in Dubai

Big construction

Tight ^^

part one

part two

More green.

On my way to the EMAAR sales office.

The future.

A skyline shot from the EMAAR sales office.

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just amazing, i live in dubai, and drive by everyday, but it never looked this good, damn, i guess its been a while since i actually walked around,

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