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Tom Green's trips to Dubai

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Let me begin.

The pics are in order.

The original

And the reflection

Communication in Dubai is very difficult

A nice looking facade

A construction update. But i don´t know anything about this building^^

It is dangerous, but he don`t care^^^

A construction pic but again i don`t know anything about this building.

It really surprised me that there is so much green.

A nice looking vila

More pic comes later.
At the end i think i will upload more than 100 pics.
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I also created a screensaver for myself with pics I found here, on the net and that I shot myself. If anybody is interested please let me know if there is a file section to post in. Othwerwise I can also provide a download link.

PTCruiser, Please do it dude..would be great with soft saxophone mp3's of either Najji or KennyG.

Here is the link

Just click on Screensaver Download. Unfortunately it is without music at this time. Maybe on a new version in the future....

Hope you like it

I think my 2000th post should be special and in a special thread.

Thanks to google earth i can show you how much i walked in Dubai.

Day 1 first trip.

Day 1 second trip.

Day 2 first trip.

Day 2 second trip.

Day 2 third trip.

I also walked around the WTC and together with Altin around the Creek and on 2 view points.

Day 3 first trip.

Day 3 second trip.

I walked 59,06km alone on this trips. All in all i think i walked more than 65km in Dubai in the 3 days.
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dubaiflo said:
yeah. i used taxis.
You are now an owner of a DSLR. You can´t drive with the taxi anymore.

I was in Seoul 3 weeks ago. My airline was Emirates so we made a stop in Dubai. I had 2 x 3hours at the Dubai airport.

Inside the Dubai airport.

The Dubai Airport is great for shopping

The Emirates fleet

The new Terminal u/c.

Festival City u/c

Other building u/c at the airport

I was always sitting on the wrong side of the plane.
This is the area between Dubai and Sharjah during the take off. The pics from the landing are not worth to be posted.

This is the SZR skyline from the second landing. I took the next two pics with an exposure time of 1/5 at 135mm x1,6 crop factor = 220mm.
The area with the bright light is the Burj Dubai construction site.

Here are my best pics. Second take off. I was sitting again on the wrong side of the plane. The most pics showing Sharjahs skyline. I like the skyline of this city.
The pics are extrem photsohped because the view was not very good.

Please don`t ask. I myself want to know what it is :D

I like the next 2 pics the most so i upload them in a bigger version.

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Great Pictures! Were these taken through the airplane window!?
Please don`t ask. I myself want to know what it is :D

This is the University City in Sharjah.
From up to buttom, you can see Sharjah Library (top right), commencement hall (top left), university of Sharjah (middle left), and at the buttom part of the American University of Sharjah.

Check it out in Google Earth, you can see it clearly there. I will post for you later the coordinates :) .
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must say excellent photos,many you do weddings at weekends:hilarious :hilarious
must say excellent photos,many you do weddings at weekends:hilarious :hilarious
Not yet......... :D

Imre: Thank you :)

V Kapoor: Thanks.
Yes i took most of them through the window of a plane.

Smussuw: Thank you

amerzak: Thanks for the information.

@ ALL:

I`m going again to Dubai

I will stay from April 1st to April 7th in Dubai.
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Thanks Tom for sharing your fantastic photo's. I have been inspired to post some pictures of my trip to Kashmir and Dubai last month.
if any moderators are reading this would it be okay to post my Kashmir pictures with my Dubai ones as I don't have enough to warrant a seperate thread for them.

I will post a link here to the new thread. Watch this space.
Okay here we go. I will start with the u/c pics.

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hmmm, I cannot view the pix.
I used imageshack as usual.

Can't see a thing??

They come up but a bit slow!!

The Etistal building from that different angle looks good!
Thanx TOM GREEN ... keep them coming!!
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