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Tomsk by Siberian:
Tomsk is one of oldest city in Siberia. Was founded in 1604.
Tomsk located 200 km northeast of Novosibirsk on the River Tom'.
Population about 500 thousand people.

Tom' River from the Lagerny Garden

Lagerny Garden

The garden is located in the beginning of the Tomsk's main street - Lenin Avenue
Now we're going to the centre of Tomsk along the street.

It is the area of Tomsk State University and Tomsk Polytechnical University campuses.

The Scientific Library of TSU

Cafe Belgrade

a bus stop

Tomsk State University - the oldest university in Siberia, was founded in 1878

The garden at the main university building

further along the avenue

old wooden house

a church

Novosobornaya Square

Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR)

Siberian Pub

in a park

red brick buildings

Tomsk Municipality Building


Museum of the Regional

Lenina, 50

Marriage Palace

...through the grate

I love the decorative houses

near the Sibir Forum Hotel

a street scene

colourful main street

a cinema

City Duma Building

a side street

sometimes I thought the avenue is a bit similar to Nevsky ;)

now we're in the heart of Tomsk, unfortunately clouds hide sun.

Ushaika River

The Epiphany Cathedral

Aureate Coat of Arms

Sibirskoye Bistro Cafe

a "cake" house :)

a side street

here is the place with very fashionable GUM and Modny Bazaar Shopping Centres.

Rosa Luxembourg Street

Magistrat Hotel

Bakunina Street

Museum of the Tomsk History

view at city

fortunately, the new city is in distance from the old town

wooden houses

further along Bakunina Str.

White Lake

Skomorokh Theatre

a kind of ruins

a wooden house

Kuznetsky Vzvoz Street

a girl painting the church

Voskresenskaya Church

a door

a quite street

That's all :)

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Amazing! It's so nice to see a Russian city this well preserved and the distance from the "new town" is certainly lucky. The Architechture is simply sweet and the beautfiul summer day is so inviting. BTW, Some of Tomsk reminds me of cities in Finland.


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Tomsk actually surprised me, I expected a cloudy, dusty, polluted town but what I found was an awesome city. Hopefully, much of Russia is similar looking.
Glad to actually see color in a place associated with forbidden temperatures !

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Estacion de FFCC(principio del siglo20)

fotos by alyona12 from:

monumento a Anton Chejov

fotos by hunter55 from

from by james

Chalet de madera( from:

from : by lushes



calle Gagarina


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Church and...Lenin

from by lima

from by lima
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