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So, on July 22, I took Metra into the city to visit a friend who works on the 57th floor of the Prudential building. I also took my time taking pictures while strolling through the Loop until I had to hop back onto the train to go home at 3:30. I took alot of pics that day. About 140 I think.
I arrive at Union Station around 9:30.

It really is a pretty building.

I then begin my stroll down Adams Street until I hit the river and take this picture

of (dare I say it?) The Willis Tower

Then I look around the corner onto Franklin

And continue my walk along Adams...

...and down LaSalle Street

until I hit the Chicago Board of Trade

and the turn east onto Jackson Blvd

Then onto Clark until I reach Congress Parkway. That tan building in the middle is a jail.

...Then walk a little south of there

then back north until I hit my first destination: The Harold Washington Library, the largest public library in the world.

The inside of the library is nothing special, really, until you get up to the 9th floor; the Winter Garden.

After the library I decided to take State Street

The library from State

From State I take Washington until I reach Michigan Avenue. This is where I'm headed. The one to the right.

The Chicago Cultural Society

Looking down South Michigan

On my way to Prudential now.

Looking through Washington Street

Passing through Milleniumm Park

And up we go!
(Sorry for the glare in some of these)

The new Aqua building. One of the coolest buildings in the city now, imo.

Close up of the Aon Center. Very closely resembles the WTC.

The famous Marina City

With this building in the foreground. I don't know exactly what it's called, but it's up on there on my top 5 list of favorite buildings in Chicago.

The one on the right of this one is pretty cool, too.

McCormick Place, Soldier Field, and the Field Museum in the foreground.

The Legacy at Millemium Park.

The Illinois Center

Another awesome building, the Hard Rock Hotel

The top of One Prudential Plaza. At one point this used to be the tallest building in the city.

Grant Park

The Art Institute, with the new Modern Wing at the left.

The Bean! (With Prudential's giant TV antenae in the foreground)

The top of the Board of Trade

The Wrigley (left) and the Tribune (right)

The corner of city hall is to the right

Back on the ground, the Prudential Plaza

and a shot of where I just was. Told you that antenae was huge!

My final destination was The Chicago Architectural Foudation (museum), right down Michigan Aenue, in the Santa Fe Building.

This is probably my favorite stretch of road in the entire city.

There's the Legacy again

The Art Institute of Chicago

Here we are at the Architectural Foundation. This is their main attraction, a big model of downtown Chicago, where 1 inch = 50 feet.

On the way back to Union Station, looking down Wabash Ae towards the Trump.

Well that's it. I hope you enjoyed.

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I like the shots from the street and like how you focused on some of the older buildings. Some of them are true classics.
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