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Tallest Mountains in your country..

Tallest Mountains in your country

Put the pics and information of "10 Tallest mountains" in your country

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1.Everest (Qomolangma Feng) China & Nepal 29,029ft

2.K2 (Qogir Feng, Godwin Austen) China & Pakistan 28,251ft

3.Makalu China & Nepal 27,766ft

4.Cho Oyu China & Nepal 26,906ft

5.Xixabangma (Gosainthan) 26,286ft

6.Kamet China & India 25,446ft

7.Namcha Barwa 25,446ft

8.Gurla Mandhata 25,354ft

9.Muztag 25,338ft

10.Kongur 25,325ft

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Canada's tallest mountains

Mount Logan YK (5959 m)

Mount Fairweather, BC (4663 m)

Mount Columbia, AB (3747 m)

Unnamed peak (unofficial: Mount Nirvana), NWT (2773 m)

Barbeau Peak, NU (2616 m)


Mont d'Iberville, QC / Mount Caubvick, NL (1652 m)

Cypress Hills, SK (1392 m)

Baldy Mountain, MB (All I could find is this pic, and I spent a lot of time searching... You can see it in the corner) (832 m)

Mount Carleton, NB (817 m)


Ishpatina Ridge, ON (693 m)

White Hill, NS (532 m)

Glen Valley, PEI (142 m)

'George' flick

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Here are some of México's tallest

Pico de Orizaba volcano (5.754 m)

Popocatepetl volcano (5.452 m)

Ixaccihuatl (5.286 m)

Teyotl (4.660 m)

Nevado de Toluca (4.564 m)

La Malinche (4.461 m)

Tliltepetl (4.453 m)

Tzapotepetl (4.450 m)

Cofre de Perote (4.250 m)

Chichimeco (4.220 m)

Tlaloc (4.158 m)

Volcan de Colima (3.820 m)

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Because most of the highest peaks are concentrated in few of Romania's ~70 ranges, I will not post only those peaks but rather one photo from each of first ten tallest ranges.

Map of mountain ranges of Romania:

Făgăraș Mountains - tallest peaks: Moldoveanu (tallest in Romania, in picture below): 2.544 m, Negoiu 2.536 m (second tallest in country)

Untitled by Tzepesh, on Flickr​

Parâng Mountains - tallest peak - Parângul Mare, 2.519 m - in picture

Retezat Mountains - tallest peaks - Peleaga 1.509 m (in picture), Păpușa 2508 m

2509m by Angela Radulescu, on Flickr​

Bucegi Mountains - tallest peaks - Omu - 2.505 m (in picture), Bucura - 2.503 m

Apus la Vf. Omu by gagiu, on Flickr​

Iezer - Păpușa Mountains - tallest peak - Vârfu Roșu - 2.469 m

DSC_0378 by alexhodorogea, on Flickr​

Rodna Mountains - tallest peak - Pietrosu, 2.303 m

lazy cloud by Wall-E_BV, on Flickr​

Lotru Mountains - tallest peak - Șteflești, 2.244 m

lotru by cosminahapy, on Flickr​

Țarcu Mountains - tallest peak - Țarcu - 2.190 m

Leaota Mountains - tallest peak - Leaota - 2.133 m

Leaota by Iridiu192, on Flickr​

Căpățânii Mountains - tallest peak - Nedeia - 2.130 m


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These are the highest in Germany:

1. Zugspitze 2962 m
2. Schneefernerkopf 2875 m
3. Wetterspitzen 2747 m
4. Hochwanner 2746 m
5. Mittlere Höllentalspitze 2740 m
6. Watzmann-Mittelspitze 2713 m
7. Watzmann-Südspitze 2712 m
8. Hochblassen 2703 m
9. Leutascher Dreitorspitze 2682 m
10. Plattspitzen 2679 m

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1.- TEIDE (Tenerife Island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Province) - 3.718 m.

Parque Nacional del Teide, Tenerife por szeke , en Flickr

2.- MULHACÉN & 6.- ALCAZABA (Granada Province) - 3.478 m. & 3.365 m.

Pics Alcazaba (3371 m.) i Mulhacén (3482 m.) por Pere Ramon , en Flickr

3.- ANETO (Huesca Province) - 3.404 m.

Trail Aneto 2010 por NO LIMIT - TRAIL , en Flickr

4.- VELETA (Granada Province) - 3.396 m.

Sin título por GuilleL , en Flickr

5.- POSETS (Huesca Province) - 3.375 m.

Pirineada 2009 (062) por José María Mauleón , en Flickr

7.- MONTE PERDIDO (Huesca Province) - 3.355 m.

Monte Perdido por vonkinder , en Flickr

8.- CILINDRO DE MARBORÉ (Huesca Province) - 3.328 m.

Cilindro por faltimiras , en Flickr

9.- PERDIGUERO (Huesca Province) - 3.321 m.

Macizo del Perdiguero. Huesca por Pirineísta , en Flickr

10.- MALADETA (Huesca Province) - 3.309 m.

Massís de la Maladeta por Agustí Reixach , en Flickr

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South Africa highest:

Mountain Height (m) Range
Mafadi 3451 Drakensberg
Njesuthi 3410 Drakensberg
Champagne Castle 3377 Drakensberg

Lithobolong 3375 Drakensberg
kaNtuba 3366 Drakensberg
Trojan Wall 3354 Drakensberg

Sani Pass - only road into Lesotho through the Drakensberg @ 2874m

Pampiring 3337 Drakensberg
Botlolong 3333 Drakensberg
Popplepiek 3331 Drakensberg
Giant's Castle 3315 Drakensberg

Tugela Falls - worlds second highest near njesuthi peak.

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some mountains in the united states no particular order

Grand Teton, Wyoming, USA

Yosemite, California, USA

Sierra Nevada with Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Mt. Shasta, California,USA

Mt. Whitney, California, USA

Mt. Rainier, Washington,USA

Alaska Range, Alaska, USA

1 Mt. McKinley, Alaska, USA

2 Pike's Peak, Colorado Rockies, Colorado, USA

Mt.Washington, New Hampshire, USA

Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA

And last, but, of course, not least (and overlooking my town south of Tucson)

Mt. Wrightson, Arizona, USA

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All top ten mountains r over 3,000m! Spain is very high land than I expected.
Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland ... But in the territory of Spain holds 12 Switzerland. :) There are hundreds of mountains over 2000 meters altitude in the Spanish territory.

Other mountains over 3000 meters high

Pico del Zacatín 3.307 Granada
Viñamala 3.298 Huesca
Pico Tempestades 3.290 Huesca ;)

Chema por ababol , en Flickr

Soum de Ramond o Pico Añisclo 3.290 Huesca ;)

Soum de Ramond por Jordi Campos. , en Flickr

Puntal de la Caldera 3.226 Granada ;)

puntal-de-la-caldera-4 por Spanish Highs , en Flickr

Pico Russell 3.205 Huesca
Loma Pelada 3.185 Granada
Horcajo de Trevélez 3.182 Granada
Pico del Cuervo 3.152 Granada
Puntal de Vacares 3.149 Granada
Balaitus 3.146 Huesca ;)

BALAITUS y ARISTA NOROCIDENTAL DESDE EL COL. NOIR por misterroresfavoritos , en Flickr

Pica d'Estats 3.143 & Pic Verdaguer 3.129 Lleida ;)

Estany d'Estats i Pica d'Estats por Pau Planas , en Flickr

Pico Viejo 3.135 Santa Cruz de Tenerife ;)

Volcán Pico Viejo.Tenerife por El coleccionista de instantes , en Flickr

La Munia 3.134 Huesca
Punta Gabarró 3.105 Lleida
Picón de Jeres 3.086 Granada ;)

031 GUADIX Amanecer Picón Jeres por Miradas de Andalucía , en Flickr

Puntal del Goterón 3.075 Granada
Argualas 3.046 Huesca
Besiberri 3.029 Lleida ;)

Estany del Besiberri por Dingilingi , en Flickr

Cerro del Caballo 3.015 Granada
Robiñera 3.003 Huesca ;)

Robiñera desde La Munia por Irantzu , en Flickr

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Untzillatx mountain (Bizkaia)

Untzillatx por Paulo Etxeberria, en Flickr

Central Basque mountains (Bizkaia)

Urkiolako mendiak por Paulo Etxeberria, en Flickr

Little town seen from the Elgea mountains (Araba/Álava)

Subida a Elgeamendi por AlavaVisión 001, en Flickr

Looking down from Hiru Erregeen Mahaia mountain (Nafarroa/Navarre)

Goitik behera por iosebasque, en Flickr

Rural landscape in the western Basque Country (Araba/Álava)

Under the volcano por Ignacio Lizarraga, en Flickr

Laguardia (Araba/Álava)

Laguardia por Arabarra, en Flickr


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The highest mountains of The Kingdom of the Netherlands are all outside continenal NL, they are located in the Carribean;

Mount Scenery, Saba 888m
Quillkrater Mazinga, St.Eustatius 601m
Sint-Christoffelberg, Curacao 375m
Sentry Hill, Sint Maarten, 341m
Vaalserberg, Limburg 322m
Brandaris, Bonaire 240m
Jamanota, Aruba 189m
Rozendaalse veld, Gelderland 110m
Tankenberg, Overijssel 85m
Amerongse Berg, Utrecht 69m
Schoorlse Nok, North Holland 57m (dune)
de Blinkerd, Drenthe 50m
Groot-Valkenisse, Zeeland 49m (dune)
Stevensbergen, North Brabant 44m
Vuurboetsduin, Friesland 36m (island, dune)
Duinrell, South Holland 36m
Hasseberg, Groningen 14m
Urk, Flevoland 8m (former island)

not so impressive

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1. Pico Mountain, 2351m

Pico - Açores by f_araujo_abreu, on Flickr

2. Estrela Mountain, 1993m

serra da estrela 02.2009 by pegada leve, on Flickr

3. Ruivo Peak, 1862m

Pico Ruivo by mammita, on Flickr

4. Torres Peak, 1851m

Pico das Torres by RicardoPestana2012, on Flickr

5. Areeiro Peak, 1818m

2004_0904_131443AA Pico Arieiro, Madeira by FabHols, on Flickr

6. Gerês Mountain, 1548m

Pico da Nevosa by alexnuno, on Flickr

7. Larouco Mountain, 1525m

1600-montalegre (462) by frproart, on Flickr

8. Montesinho Mountain, 1486m

Parque Natural de Montesinho Porto Furado trail by MiguelVieira, on Flickr

9. Marão Mountain, 1415m

Serra Marão (Portugal) by João Carvalho 226, on Flickr

10. Soajo Mountain, 1415m

Serra do Soajo 2 by A. Cascalheira, on Flickr
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