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nothing official but here is a list of the biggest companies that I know in Sudan: they're definitely among the top 30, but not in a specific order:
1- Dal Group of Companies:

2- Kenana Sugar Company ltd.

3- Al Salam cement production co. ltd.

4- Khartoum Refinery co. ltd.

5- Sudapet

6- Petrodar operating company

7- Sudan Telecommunication Company

8- Canar Telecommunication Company.

9- Sudan Airlines

10- White Nile Petroleum Operating Company
50% owned by Petroas Malaysia
50% owned by Sudapet Sudan

11-Buffalo Commercial Bank

12- Sheikan Insurance Company

13- Giad Industrial Group

14- Katia International

15- Zawaya Group

16- Danfodio

17- Mam Group

18- Amipharma Medical Laboratories

Hope that helped a little :)

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From diaglomedia directory I found over 100 major companies in sudan

From Diaglomedia directory I found over 100 major companies in sudan
in the private sector....

Aziz Kfoury,Albarajoub Group, Abbarci Group, Afri Corp.Int, Alreyadah Aviation, Abu Ghazaleh Group, ...

I suggest you contact them for their data and information about major companies, they can as well supply you with credit rating.

Also have a look to diaglomedia . com

Diaglomedia is a leading company in data and information about major companies in sudan
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