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Top Ten Counties with Highest Number of Millionaire Residents

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Top Ten Counties with Highest Number of Millionaire Residents

1 Los Angeles County CA 261,081

2 Cook County IL 168,422

3 Maricopa County AZ 126,394

4 Orange County CA 115,396

5 Harris County TX 107,513

6 San Diego County CA 100,727

7 King County WA 75,616

8 Santa Clara County CA 72,932

9 Nassau County NY 71,869

10 Suffolk County NY 71,343
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One day i will be one of those millionaires of San Diego County LOL
No surprises with the top two, they are the two most populous counties in the country.
Is this list suppose to make people happy that they have so many millionaire living in their county? Gawd there is so much greed in this country.
Either something is very wrong with these numbers, or I'm completely missing something here. Why aren't any of the NYC counties here? Where's New York County? Surely there are more than 70k millionaires living in New York County, Queens County, etc.
Wow!! LA Metropolitan area(LA & Orange County combined) has 376,477... and interesting that 7 out of the 10 counties are on the west.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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