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Toronto The Most Expensive City To Live In
Tuesday June 19, 2007 Staff

It may come as no surprise to those living here, but a new study has revealed that Toronto is Canada's most expensive city to live in. The Mercer Human Resource Consulting survey examined the cost of living in 142 cities around the globe, and though Hogtown may be the priciest place in this country it's still way down the list at number 82.
Many European cities topped the list on account of the strong euro. Moscow came in first, with London in second. Rounding out the top five: Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong.
Vancouver was considered slightly cheaper than Toronto to live in, ranking 89th, while Calgary came in at 92 and Montreal 98. Ottawa had the distinction of being the most affordable metropolis in the country, at number 109. Toronto dropped substantially from last year, when it ranked 47th on the list.
To get the results they did, Mercer spokesperson Danielle Bushen said they looked at the price of everything from the cost of a movie ticket to milk and other staple groceries.
Here's the top 10:
1. Moscow
2. London
3. Seoul
4. Tokyo
5. Hong Kong
6. Copenhagen
7. Geneva
8. Osaka
9. Zurich
10. Oslo
To see the Top 50, and more about the study, click here.

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