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Toronto's Eastside (Cabbagetown, Riverdale & More)

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Only took 20 days to post these. haha, so yeah, they're from April.

Basically, the neighbourhoods we walked through are further out from dowtown, and consist mainly of Victorian housing. The southeast end is filled with walk-up apartments and the northeast filled with high-rises and rows, but we didn't get to them this time around (soon, soon).

This is the route we walked, starting from the right.

First stop, Riverdale

There seemed to be an unsually high proportion of kitties in Riverdale.

Chinatown east

Queen St. East

Now entering Cabbagetown

Cool gaslights on this place

Ryerson campus

Yonge & Dundas.. the usual

Oh, did I mention that it was 4/20? It was around 4 PM at this time, and we had to make it to Kensignton in 20 minutes.

Not sure why, but we headed down to Queen.

What with Queen's already high number of headshops and outdoor cafes, the weed scent was especially strong today

Aaaand at this point my memory card was full. Just as we were getting into Kensignton unfortunately, but man, it was extra awesome that day.. take the usual hippies and stoners and multiply that by a hundred. Ah well :(
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Fantastic photos, I am now tempted to visit Toronto. The building with the mural is my favourite.
There's something very intimate about those streets with the Victorian terraces, far more so than the ones in the UK , also They look less worn down and 'Clean cut' (although you can nver really tell with pics) than their UK counterparts too. (i'm guessing its a load of different factors ; Climate, Materials constrcution method? no?).

Great pics!.
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Great tour!

Toronto looks like a clean, nice and interesting city.

I'd love to visit some day.
Nice to see a different side of Toronto
I've never actually gotten around to making a visit to Riverdale Chinatown. Not as busy and dirty as Spadina but still looks more established than I thought it was. Oh, and that Marijuana Canadian flag is sick.
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