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I don't really see the point. Toronto's ravines are already part of the municipal parks system. And even if they weren't, they wouldn't be at risk of development anyway. The whole reason that they were never developed to begin with is the danger posed by flooding and landslides that they can be prone to.

The Greenbelt isn't iron-clad legislation either. Tim Hudak for instance had campaigned on repealing's quite possible that if the PC's were to ever get a majority government that the Greenbelt would be scrapped. This just seems like it would be nothing more than a bureaucratic make-work project. And wouldn't it also necessitate putting City of Toronto land under the jurisdiction of a provincial body? (and if not, then wouldn't it be nothing more than feel-good legislation that accomplishes nothing?)

The Greenbelt is a great thing and I hope it's expanded further, but it doesn't need to include Toronto parks.
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