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Towards no entry visa to Australia

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I applaud the effort by our government to push this. :)

What do you guys think?

Free up the entry rules, Jakarta tells Canberra
By Matthew Moore, Herald Correspondent in Jakarta
March 17, 2005

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Indonesia is to ask Australia to grant free visas for Indonesians wanting to travel here, and to drop its warnings against travel in the country.

Indonesia's Co-ordinating Minister for the Economy, Aburizal Bakrie, who is leading a delegation of ministers due to arrive today in Canberra for talks, said the perceived threat of terrorist attacks was much worse than the real threat and it was time Australia and Indonesia developed better neighbourly relations.

"Why not have a situation like Singapore?" Mr Bakrie said in an interview before the trip.

He said Singapore was "strict on terrorism" but that did not stop it or other ASEAN countries from allowing free travel through the region and Australia should do the same.

Citizens of ASEAN countries can travel easily in the region on visas issued free at the border, a situation Mr Bakrie said he wants with Australia.

The delegation will hold talks with Australian ministers and attend the first meeting of the body to control Australia's $1 billion in tsunami aid.
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Its a lofty goal. Australia , however, will stick to its visa system and maintain its travel warnings - according to an article I posted in the Politics and International Thread.

Anyway, here's another article on this issue.

Friday March 18, 01:13 PM

Indonesia targets Aust travel warnings, visas

Indonesia has called for a fresh perspective on relations with Australia, including free visas for movement between the two countries.

Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Aburizal Bakrie, told the Australia-Indonesia Ministerial Forum it is time to build a more comprehensive economic, political and social relationship.

Mr Bakrie says Australia should relax its travelling warnings about Indonesia and introduce free visas for Indonesians.

"Our friendship I think will be even strengthened more for the future if we can both have the more access for goods as well as more access for people, between our two countries," he said.

Mr Bakrie told the forum in Canberra that the relationship with Australia is one of Indonesia's most important.

Australia's Foreign Minister told the forum that Indonesia's democracy can bring a new dimension to the relationship between the two countries.

Alexander Downer says Indonesia is enormously important to Australia because of geography, growing economic integration, terrorism in South-East Asia, and the negotiations for a free trade agreement between ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Downer says more focus should be given to Indonesia's democracy.

"One of great breakthroughs for the world in the past year was the direct presidential election in Indonesia and also the parliamentary elections," he said.

"And for the world's fourth most populous country, the country with the largest Muslim population, to become the world's third largest democracy, it's a wonderful thing for the world."

Mr Downer says the visit by Susilo Bambang Yudhyono later this month will have added significance for Australia because he is Indonesia's first directly-elected president.
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