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Towns & Small Cities of England & Wales

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Welcome to this new thread where I will showcase my photos from towns and small cities (where I haven't taken enough photos to warrant their own thread) around England and Wales.
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^^ Agreed. I've always loved Wells but Reading was a definite pleasant surprise. Thanks for the comment. :)
Very nice, Britain at its best!
Thanks very much! :)

Well if I had a good Job there and a good Internet connection :) I would actually prefer to live in a city like Wells than in London. In my opinion a charming surrounding and short distance to nature is more often needed than the cultural advantages of a big city. But it would be great if a bigger city is not that far away -(lets say 30 km) but it also should not be too close.

Great pictures.
Fair comment. Where I would prefer to live in a bigger city during my younger years, I can imagine I might prefer a place like Wells to live within a commutable distance to a larger city. In this case, Bristol is not far away but Wells does not have a train link, only bus. Glad you like the pictures. Thanks for commenting. :)
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^^ Thanks. Vicars Close - claimed to be the oldest purely residential street with its original buildings all surviving intact in Europe. :)

And that concludes this tour of Wells. Any questions or comments before the next batch?
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Bradford-on-Avon is a town in west Wiltshire, with a population of about 9,326. The town's canal, historic buildings, shops, pubs and restaurants make it popular with tourists. These photos were taken on Friday 9th August 2013, hence quite a few tourists around. The history of the town can be traced back to Roman origins. It has several buildings dating to the 17th century, when the town grew due to the thriving English woollen textile industry.

The town lies partly on the Avon Valley, and partly on the hill that marks the Vale's western edge, eight miles southeast of Bath, in the hilly countryside between the Mendip Hills, Salisbury Plain and the Cotswold Hills. The local area around Bath provides the Jurassic limestone (Bath Stone) from which the older buildings are constructed. The River Avon runs through the town, giving it its name.

For more information:

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I'm very familiar with this kind of scene, from my time spent living in the southern cotswolds. charming and lovely.
Of course, another beautiful part of the country. :)

Bradford-on-Avon looks also very nice. In my view it would be "Picture perfect" if the streets had cobblestone pavement. Asphalt always looks cheap (especially with this yellow stripes :)). How does the traditonal surface of such streets look in this Region?
But overall again a very nice city. Someday I have to do a long holiday in the UK and explore the smaler cities and the nice villages and beaches far away from the big cities.
It may well look picture perfect with cobbled streets but it's less practical, also have you ever lived on a cobbled or paved street? It's very noisy. With ashfalt cars can quietly whisk passed those street facing buildings.

Beautiful places, idyllically English. :cheers:
Yes I live in the old town of my city, where every street is a cobble paved street and I prefer it a lot :). Of course this streets are no main streets with lots of trafic. The main streets should be with asphalt but the ordinary old town streets should be cobbled in my opinion. Of course you need a speed limit in such areas but old town areas are often very narrow. If you drive lets say 10-20 km/hour the rolling noise is less than the motor noise so it makes not much different any more. This will maybe Change with the electro-car. But you are right Asphalt has advantages - it is also cheaper and better for disabled People - but there are fine solutions for this in stone too. - but of course this places here are idyllic enough.
All very good comments - thanks very much! One tends to find that the pedestrianised streets are actually cobbled, even some for vehicles, but predominantly the roads are tarmac. True though that a lighter colour would be more inviting but hey ho. :)
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^^ These new also looking good, very nice :)
Thanks mate! :)

Looking good? Looking great! :cheers: Real postcard villages and lovely presented by Mike. :)
Thank you, glad you've enjoyed these pictures. :)

Fantastic images! Sitting here in Germany looking at these places make me more than a little homesick. I will be following this thread with great pleasure, thanks for making it
Thank you! Sorry to hear you're homesick but I'll be sure to update in here fairly regularly. Thanks for the support. :)
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