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Towns & Small Cities of England & Wales

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Welcome to this new thread where I will showcase my photos from towns and small cities (where I haven't taken enough photos to warrant their own thread) around England and Wales.
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^^ I agree. There's a lot on offer in Birmingham with heaps of potential. I was quite impressed with the city overall actually. :)
Nice pics.
impressive cities and the old designed buildings are massively built.
Thanks very much! :)
The thread is for towns and small cities NOT big cities Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK. "Good pics though"
Yes thanks for that, I did after all open the thread... I would like to take out the 'small' from the title so as to reflect general places across the country. :)

He does acknowledge that tbf.

I've been to central Birmingham, as I've visited my brother at Uni (plus been through New Street as we all have!)
Birmingham to me, at least these days, is an interesting, if not quite unique place. The architectural styles of the city centre, seems quite unique to me. Most of the oldest buildings, in my eyes anyway, seem to be of something of a blend of Vic. Gothic and Baroque, such as the City Hall, and St. Philips Cathedral. I know there are other older styles too, I've seen Art Deco and regular Vic. Gothic styles too, but the style I mentioned previously seems quite unique to the city. Personally, I'm very impressed with the new developments, i.e the new Bullring, Library and redeveloped New Street, all very good examples of contemporary architecture.

It's still far from a beautiful city however. Still got a pretty poor public realm, and the streets feel quite dirty and tired in places. Plus I'm sure we're all aware of the awful architecture thrown up in the 50s/60s/70s, that's still very prominent in the city centre. Not to mention its labyrinth of A roads/ Motorways! I'm glad that's changing however; personally I'll be glad to see the old concrete Central Library gone. Paradise circus looks like it'll be magnificent when it's finished. The two buildings from that era I can say I really do like however, are the Symphony Hall and Rep theatre. They have good proportion and styling, and seem to have aged well.
I would tend to agree. Many people's impressions of Birmingham are based upon the sight one sees when driving by on the motorway or passing on the train but Birmingham is really full of architectural gems. Like you say, and for me, the downside is all the brutalist trash that sprouted up after the war (that generation really bore so awful architects and planners!) :)
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Very good shots Of Birmingham, Mike. I hope there`s more.
Thanks Paul! There are indeed more to come. :)

Very good, very nice updates; well done once again :cheers:
Thanks mate! :)
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121 - 126 of 200 Posts
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