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TOYOTA - Toyota Stadium (45,000)

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Toyota Stadium, Japan

Nagoya Grampus

1x Champion:

2x Cup Winner:
1995, 1999

2x Supercup:
1995, 2010

The capacity of this stadium is 45000!!! It looks far far bigger. Must have sumo size seats!!

'The high-tech state-of-the-art 45,000 seat Toyota stadium was built as a venue for the 2002 World Cup but was overlooked when Korea became co-hosts and due to political in-fighting between the owners Toyota and the government. The stadium has a retractable roof designed to resemble the traditional curves of a temple roof, large video screen and excellent views for the spectators. The stadium is located in Toyota city and can be reached in about 50 minutes from Nagoya on the Tsurumai subway/Meitetsu Toyota Line. J. League side Nagoya Grampus eight play some of their home games at Toyota stadium.
The stadium was designed by Kisho Kurokawa Architect and Associates who also designed Oita Stadium. Opened July 2001'

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Yes, that does look far bigger than 45K.
White elephant?
Wow.... I LOVE THIS STADIUM! What a great example of how every 45,000 seater should look! I think the size is an illusion created by extremely steep upper decks. It puts fans right on top of the field! Absolutely PERFECT!

:applause: :applause: :applause:
I guess the small blocks of seats are what make it look alot larger than 45k.
also its a fragmented bowl, hence they lose the opportunity for thousands of seats in the corners...makes the place look very impressive though :)
It kind of reminds me of Arrowhead in KC and Commonwealth in Edmonton...
Nice! It would be better looking if it wernt as high though

Nagoya Grampus Eight

2x Cup Winner:
1995, 1999

i like this stadium and its IMO one of the secret treasure

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^^ looks okay, nice design! :D

IMO doesn't look like 45.000
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Looks like more than 45k to me! How steep are those stands?

37-38° the 2nd tier

for me it loosk more like +60.000
All bacause Japanese have different standards :) there are surely twice as many passages between sections of seats as in Europe. That IMO gives the result.
Stadium designed by Kisho Kurokawa, the same great architect that did this:
I love the steep pitch of the seats, too bad most modern stadiums are built too shallow
damn....thats one of my secrets i like to whip out:lol:

i think it's one of the best 40-50k capacity stadiums in the world imo..:cheers:
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