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Dilek national park is a protected area, covering 27,145 acres, and home to many species and varieties of flora and fauna. Located twenty-eight kilometres from Kusadasi, it is bordered by the summer resorts of Guzelcamli and Doganbey.

At the weekends, many locals from Kusadasi, Izmir and Soke will head to the park for family days out. Visitors to Dilek Peninsula (Kalamaki) National Park can take part in many activities including trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, photography safaris, horse safaris, cultural walks, botanical tours and bird watching opportunities.

Its natural environment makes Dilek Peninsula National park ideal for picnics, as all necessary facilities such as water, toilets, benches and tables are available for public use. Fires are forbidden so do not bring BBQs.

The park is a wildlife preserve and a secluded haven for many species of animals. Wild boars are a frequent sight and some are used the presence of humans beings. On the odd occasions, visitors have reported seeing wild horses however sightings are a rarity. On the South shores at the beginning of year, it is not usual to see flocks of flamingos.

The Cave of Zeus is one hundred meters from the entrance of the park. A small cave with blue waters, it is ideal for a quick swim in summer, as the water is constantly cold. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate the park the most. Flowers, trees, animals, canyons, and walking trails will keep them entertained for at least a week.

Transport around the park is either on foot, or by mountain biking. Hiking and biking trails will take you high into the mountains for a spectacular view over the coastline. The most popular trail is the Eski Doganbey-Oluklu Canyon track.

Non-nature enthusiasts should not ignore the park as there are also sandy beaches for sunbathing including Icmeler, Kavakli and Karapinar. The park is open from nine in the morning, until eight at night. When you pay your entrance fee, you will receive a map. Camping is not allowed so you should look for accommodation in nearby Guzelcamli.

On the outskirts of the park is Eski Doganbey, an old Greek village with majestic houses scatted over the countryside and a museum dedicated to the flora and fauna of the area. The stuffed animals in the museum have all died of natural causes. Not many people visit Eski Doganbey so be prepared to knock on the door to get them to open the museum.
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