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Original Albanian costumes are usually highly decorated with golden details and different motifs:

A female sleeveless overcoat from Shkodra, originating from the 19th century, highly decorated with precious embroidery, gold cords on purple velvet:

An Albanian coat (pirpiri)

another one

An Albanian vest

The layers of embellishment on this Albanian vest include gold braid, gold cord in an intricate foliate pattern; and gold spangles. The lively patterned ikat lining adds to its festive appeal:

Albanian gold embroidered jacket, vest and gaiters from the 19th century:

Albanian jacket embroidered in gold, originating from the 19th century

Albanian gold embroidered gaiters from the 19th century:

Albanian vest

Male vest from the northern parts of Albania:

Albanian women's coat

Albanian Jacket

Traditional female costumes from Malèsia:

Albanian costumes

Costume used by an officer or member of the patriotic Prizren league:

Example of an Albanian jacket:

An Albanian male coat

Northern Albanian male costume.

Highlander jacket:

Albanian coat

Albanian vest

Albanian golden vest

Costumes from the Albanian Arbèresh community in southern Italy:

This sleeveless coat from Shkodèr (Scutari) on the Albanian-Montenegrin border demonstrates a remarkable degree of craftsmanship in its lavish use of gold cord, variety of curvilinear shapes, and use of negative space.

The density of applied work against velvet is meant to replicate a rich and complex compound weave. The motifs show influences drawn from Ottoman design and demonstrate the cross-cultural effects of the region.

Traditional Albanian male costume:

This costume reached India with the great armies of Aleksander. This costume has created countries and built them up from nothing. It has survived wars and massacres, it has been stolen, wrongfully incorporated into cultures that will never be able to wear the Fustanella as proud as the ones who had the greatest privilege of being the true masters of it.

Jacket from Epirus:

Albanian woman's jacket

An Albanian coat from Dardania(Kosovo) entirely embroidered in gold depicting a Dragon:

Traditional Albanian men's costume originating from the 19th century:

It was given to Stalin as a gift from the Albanian communist government in 1947 due to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 'October Revolution'.

Traditional ceremonial female costume from central Albania

The dense figural embroidery of this dress may represent goddess and fertility figure and displays influences that can be traced to the surrounding regions:

The chamerian shirt:

The chamerian fustanella:

The well-balanced designs on this Albanian vest are handsomely executed and show the strong influences of the Ottoman Empire. The raised couching gives the motifs an organic and vital appearance:

Beautiful wedding ensemble embroidered in gold,

Albanian male jacket from the region of Gjirokastër:

A beautiful 19th century women's vest from Kosovo:

19th century vest:

Skilfully emroidered gown with black galloon and golden threads by tailors specialized in Tirana and Kruja for the women of the rich strata up to the end of XIX century:

Southern Albanian footwear

Outerwear with hood, surroundings of Tirana:

Sleeveless coat of 19th Century from Shkodër (Scutari) on the Albanian-Montenegrin border

Man's Jacket from Shkodra

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