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Traditional Indonesian Architecture

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Welcome to Indonesia's Traditional Architecture Thread! (page 1-2 is more or less introduction from page 3 onwards i have everything detailed)

I know alot of thread has been made for this however i just wanted it to be more introduced :cheers: Indonesia have hundreds of ethnic group all in its islands. Indonesia is probably one of the world's most diverse country, despite being an Austronesian dominated country, they are classified into different ethnic group numbering more than 200 (not all of them are Austronesian though, like Papuans for example)! each different island in Indonesia have their own identity, language, and culture which were developed with different island's environment.

Indonesia is in Southeast Asia! so don't be surprised if Indonesia had some of the uniqueness that its neighbor had!

Indonesia in a bigger picture:

Since im from Bali, i will tell you a bit about them. Balinese are the surviving enclave of the ancient Indonesian Hindu heritage, with the arrival of Islam in the 15th century (pre-Islamic era), Islam quickly replaces local tradition and religion of Indonesia into what it is today. The Hindus who are mainly Javanese at that time fled Java in order to escape presecution, among these refugees were artist, craftmens and some royal families who brought their tradition to the island of Bali.

please feel free to comment
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Some traditional houses in South Sumatera

If you go through Google Street View across the riverbanks in South Sumatera (Musi Rver, Ogan Komering Ilir River, Lematang River, etc), you can find some villages that still embrace traditional houses, commonly stilt/piloti houses to avoid river flooding during rain season.

Although it's slowly declining due to modernisation and material vulnerability, such traditional houses are still dominating South Sumatran rivers.

Some examples of South Sumatran vernacular/traditional houses

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