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Trans-Canada question

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I know they have in the last few years been expanding the TCH thru Atlantic Canada and especially NB so a question.
Is the TCH 4 lanes from Quebec thru NB to Halifax?
Are the upgraded and new sections actually freeway or just 4 lane highway.
Is St.John connected to Fredricton and/or Moncton by freeway?
Is it 4 lanes or freeway from Halifax to Sydney.
My Rand-McNalley is about 4 years old and I know much has been done recently.
Also some maps show it as regular road.
A detailed Atlantic Canada map would be great.
Also like to know about TCH thru NFLD.
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Eastern Quebec near the border (just west of Dégelis from my memory) to just west of Fredericton has yet to be converted to 4 lane in most areas. The TCH goes from Fredericton to Moncton, but Hwy7 (Fredericton-Saint John) has yet to be updated to 4 lanes as well, for the most part, though I believe Hwy1(Saint John-Moncton) is now mostly 4 lane. The TCH is 4 lane divided from Fredericton to Truro (where you take the 102 to Halifax...also 4 lane divided though 5 or 6 lanes in some short spurts approaching Dartmouth) and on through to New Glasgow...though east of New Glasgow it's still undivided yet to be updated highway through to North Sydney for the most part. The 125 from North Sydney to Sydney is about 40-50% 4 lane divided, with the rest being 2-4 lane undivided. Hope that's helpful. ;)
There are still 2 gaps in the freeway section: I'm not exactly sure of the precise location of the gaps, but one is approximately between Fredericton and Woodstock, NB, and the other is between Grand Falls, NB, and Riviere-du-Loup, QC. When the gaps are closed, you will be able to drive between Arnprior, ON, (or Windsor, ON, if you follow the 401) and New Glasgow, NS. There are plans to extend the freewayized TCH all the way to Sydney. Nfld. has a freeway portion leading about 100 km west from St. John's.
What a coincidence! Both responses 4 minutes apart!
Here is a map of NB

Brun-way has the contract for most of this route and should be done by 2007
Highways can have four lanes???? :eek2:
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