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Traveling to Azerbaijan

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Hi! I'm gonna make a long trip to Europe and Asia in 2018, so I'm currently building my plan for the countries that I'm interested to visit. When it comes to Azerbaijan, I would like to ask you some questions:

  • Which cities do you recommend me to go? Also: Which places in those cities do you recommend me to go?
  • Also in those cities: Are there places or neighborhoods that you don't recommend me to go (for safety reasons, crime, etc)?
  • Which national and natural parks do you recommend me to go?
  • What's the most used transportation between the largest cities? How's the situation with Uber in your country?
  • Do you often use cash or credit/debit card? (I usually use cards so I don't have to carry money with me at the hostels)
  • Any other recommendations , safety issues or other advices that you would like to comment on?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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bir estoniya/finlandiya şirkəti müxtəlif ölkə və şəhər mövzulu şokoladlar istehsal edir. Azərbaycan, Bakı mövzusunda şokoladlar görmək xoşdur. Aşağıdakı linkdə
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