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I would probably say Liverpool, the nightlife is pretty good and there are interesting things to do at the waterfront, museums, galleries, beatles tour etc if you like that kind of thing. Liverpool also has some nice architecture and is the biggest of your three choices, it does have some rather rough areas but crime isn't really a big problem (nor in the other two cities). A day trip to the nearby city of Chester is also well worth doing.

Newcastle has lots of beer-drinking nightlife but i've only been once so I don't know that much about it.

Bristol is probably the quietest of the three but is also the most prosperous overall, especially suburbs like clifton. The centre has some nice parts but also some crappy 1960s concrete which replaced bomb damage from WWII. The nightlife is reasonable and there are some nice restaurant boats by the harbour. Bristol is also very close to Bath which is a beautiful small city and a 'must see' sight in England.

It depends what type of activities/trips you like, I might have some more specific ideas. Do you prefer arts, nature, history, architecture, food & drink??
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