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Travis's Home Town Tour of PERTH (BW warning)

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Ok so I have been mentioning that i would do another photo walk of Perth and yesterday i finally did it. I decided to focus on West Perth, because it is part of the city that doesn’t get much focuses because it is seperated to the CBD by the Freeway, but anyway on with the pics...

Many of you have seen the panorama of perth from this angle but you probably didn’t realise they were taken in two halfs about 10m away for each half as there is a tree in the bloody way

where i got on the bus (Gooseberry Hill) and where i got off (near King St, Perth)

now for the walk...

Part two,

part three and final...

i sure hope you enjoyed all of them, and got to know your own city more... Travis.
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Great pictures! I love Perth. It looks great. Love the shots.

I think you had your camera on the wrong setting for that last pic, though. You can't really see anything.
Great pictures! I love Perth. It looks great. Love the shots.

I think you had your camera on the wrong setting for that last pic, though. You can't really see anything.
the sun was/had set and i didn't have a tri-pod so i had to try and hold the camera really still in sunset mode...
Hey Travis, well done!! :applause:
I was hoping you would do this! Keep posting more! :cheers:
the latest...

i have decided to take up a new project which will last atleast 5 years for it to be worth whiled. it will involvve me getting to six locations, (Mt Lawlet Traino, Claisebrook traino, narrows, south perth, kings park and leedervile traino and taking a photo from the exact same location with the exact same image on the screen twice a week, (prob monday and wednesday) and then making them into a time lapsed image as the city grows...

so from here

and here

and here

and here

and here

and here as well


Mt Lawley

Claisebrook, indicating for people, what side to traverse on.

lots of trains...

and who likes buses, if you really do go to the Vic Park transfer station and you can see 6 buses waiting at the lights to leave the transfer station, pretty cool

big panorama
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The pics are really amazing! :cheers: :yes: Nice work you have done! :eek:kay:
i was in a fun run today, up the tallest tower in perth, and this is the result, we weren't allowed near the edge unfortunatley, so not much of the city is viewable

Atop of, Perth's tallest

these were later in the day and night

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Part 1 Walk To Subiaco

to start off with, the canyon on St Georges Tce, viewed when moving away from the CBD, towards parliment house

an attempt at creating some density in perth, from the Malcolm street bridge over the mitchell freeway

just something i happened to spot on the way to subi

a little bit of heritage

a feature which is no longer constructed in perth,

some old and new on Hay St near the West End

Colin St intersection with Hay Street, and the streetscape of Hay St

Hay St runs from East Perth near the WACA, out past Subiaco near Underwood Ave, and it encompasses a lot of shops

i was attempting to show the water feature in the window, but instead got a reflection of me :D

looking back at the food hall in West Perth

My MECCA, this means I am almost in Subiaco

a little hide out, from the world

Thomas St, the boundary of the suburb of West Perth, and the City of Perth, meaning i am now entering Subiaco, meaning time for the next post
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Part 2 Walk Down Hay St

a rather nice entry statment by Subicao, with this rather antique on show for visitors

and again

Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, mainly just the carpark in the foreground

there is huge potential in this area for greater density, with so many one level blocks

the home of foxtel in WA

an old electrical sub station, would be rather important with oour current gas shortage, which means we are a bit short on electricity and warmth

we love our signs in WA, infact Charles Landry said they are one of the many things which is bad about Perth, including that we always say no

The Vic, a favourite watering hole, for sports lovers before and after a game at Subiaco Oval

of course, considering you are in Subiaco, everywhere you go, you can see Subiaco Oval, down a lane way

an interesting facade, probably one of the new buildings in Subiaco since the Redevelopment, led by the Subiaco Redevelopment Authuority

some nice intracies and there’s subi over the top

another one of the many watering holes

uh, there it is again
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Part 3 Main Strip, Rokeby Rd

an old door on an antiques store

who said carparks can't be architecturally interesting?

there's the new nova radio station in the background, subiaco is home to each of 93.7 (nova) 92.9 and 94.5

somehting for the lower class, who are abundent in Subiaco

the majestic Regal Theatre which has been under threat recently

the main strip in subiaco, Rokeby Rd

a favourite dining place for perth residents in general, one of the reasons why subiaco is considered such a well sort after suburb of perth

one of the many historic buildings in Subiaco from before the redevelopment stages

obviously really old, seeing how it is from 1905

looks like coles have tried to be a littlw bit architecturaly inspiring with a roof feature

the names sake of the thread, on a street sign

a bit of old and new, with the old urnings and verandah but new with the concrete wall

an interesting house, and now time to walk back to subi centro and part 4
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Part 4 The Back Streets

a little bit of greenery half way down Rokeby Rd, near the primary school, which may be used as a weekend market

lookng back up rokeby road

a rather contetious issue in the WA forum, but i like it

someone doing the washing where ever possible

a quite place to sit down, looking back at rokeby rd

quite a few side alley ways in subiaco, because of the old nature of the suburb, as the buildings show

one of the few remaining inner city cinemas, because they are all being closed and getting replaced by the mega cinemas in the suburban malls :eek:hno:

this one is run by ACE, thank you ACE, now hoyts or greater union open one in the CBD

the tunnel opening for the fremantle train line before it pulls into subiaco station, where the majority of the redevelopment happened, the sinking of the line was a major enabler for the redevelopment

King Edward Memorial Hospital, which is the major womens hospital, and as you can see it is really old and historic

as this building shows it has had several upgrades over the years, leaving a variety of eras of buildings on site

a cycleway, something perth does rather well, but of course we coould always use more

and a train at Daglish Station, i missed this one so i had to wait 16 mins for the next, the one i caught was only two cars and was packed, thanks to the majority of cars being used on the mandurah/joondalup lines

i hope you enjoyed, and i shall have to go back soon, so i can make part 5 which would feature the town centre and the train station precienct where the urban regeneration occured

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i took this today, do we like it?

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this is the view you will get from Dalkieth, by me

yes i know it's huge, also from sunday

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i will get this to the second page soon, so you no longer have to look at the same photos from 6 months ago at the start :eek:hno:
ok, new wednesday, new photo update

and a new angle for the city

you probably wouldn't believe my suprise when i stumbled apon this little anomoly today, i thought about adding it to the Hidden Treasure's challenge (in the wa section) but didn't think the photo gave it enough credit... i mean it seemed so melbourne, what other streets in perth have parking in the middle? could be perfect for a tram-line

the busiest stretch of road west of Melbourne...

looking up at kings park and the clouds above, well you can't really see kings park

another little treasure i found in the parkland of the interchange...
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i took these yesterday before i got called into work because someone else didn't show up.

Bell Tower

Shapes and White

The House

Victoria Park Colours

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