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Fukagawa Edo Museum has re-created an old Edo main street featuring stores, homes, and even a fire-watch tower.

The vegetable store comes with an array of fake examples.

Rice is staple food in east Asia, so a rice store is essential on any main street.

Traditional cloths are hung out to dry.

A cross-section of people's homes - see how they live and what they eat.

This open area is public space with a well, toilet, garbage bin, and an Inari Shrine.

The open space in front of the fire-watch tower is meant to slow down a raging fire and to prevent it from spreading to neighbouring houses. However, food stalls have taken over for now.

The boathouse is a gathering place for those who depend on the sea for a living.

Around the corner, a portable eatery awaits customers, serving what appears to be either a bean or rice mixture.

Not prominently featured in the mainstream tourism brochures, the Bunkyo Civic Center has a free observation deck on the top floor. On this exceptionally clear day, even Mount Fuji was visible behind Shinjuku's skyscrapers. Impressive!

Tokyo is not really a land of skyscrapers, which is quite ironic given 30 million live around Tokyo Bay.

Although the Civic Center was not particularly tall, it was enough to get a commanding view of the brand new Sky Tree.

Marunouchi lies in the distance further southeast.

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