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Trivandrum International Airport (TIA) is the first Int'l Airport in Kerala, situated south west of Trivandrum City. Located just 10km from the city center it is also the base for Southern Air Command.

pic courtesy Ajay Prasad

pic courtesy Sudheesh Nair

In 2007 April, construction commenced for the new state-of-the-art International Terminal on the city side, bringing the airport even more closer to the city. The futuristic Terminal, designed by Atkins (UK), is a scalable green building making use of the natural lighting and ventilation to the maximum.


Images Courtesy: Nishanth's Trivandrum Fast Forward blog. :):)
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Location Map

Here is an overview of where the proposed developments are taking shape.

The Yellow box (A) indicates the present terminal area, Terminal 1 and 2.

The Pink square is the site of the new terminal; it occupies a land area of 27 acres in Phase I. (B) The terminal lies just across the TS Canal (seen running parallel to the site) and directly accessible from the NH 47 Bypass Road.(E)

The Blue small square is Chakkai Jn on the Bypass.(C) A 6 lane flyover with two ramps, one connecting Chakkai and the other connecting Enchakkal Jn is under construction. The alignment of the flyover and approach road is denoted using the Brown line (D)
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Progress of works

April 2007, the terminal area being barricaded. Image courtesy Ajay's blog

April 20th 2008
, the erection of steel frame of the Terminal commences after the initial land filling and other ground works. This work, understandably, has taken one year. See this SSC post by Ajay.

June 2008

July 2008. The steel skeleton now very much seen from the tarmac. Image Courtesy Sudheesh.

And now in September 2008, the erection of the steel skeleton has finished. The date for commissioning of the Terminal is March 2009. :cheers1::cheers1:
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Great work Anish:)
Thanks Nishanth :cheers:

Could someone get the perspective of the flyover connecting the International Airport? It appeared in the dailies during foundation stone laying but the image doesnt seem to be available in the net. :eek:hno:
^^Anish, Thanks, btw please post all available perspectives, which are in different angles.

There is one perspective which shows the front lobby of the airport
Few more..

Anybody can add more perspectives if available.
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More pls

Thanks Nishanth :cheers:

Hello Friends,

Very good and heartwarming to see a separate thread for TIA and Thanks to Nishant, Ajay, Sudheesh, Anish and all who are keeping this updated and fresh.
Please can you also give more info about the MRO unit coming up in the vicinity with pictures if you can

Thanks guys for the new thread !!!

Hope to see updates every month. 4 more months for completion !!!Hope I will be able to flyout of the new terminal in April 2009.:)
^^^^ Wow !! Nice work!
Gr8 Job man!!!!:applause:
Air India hangar

The construction of the hangar unit for Air India is fast progressing on 15 acres of land adjacent to the new terminal.

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Courtesy : Sathyalal posted in Trivandrum Projects Thread

Jet to fly between Thiruvanathapuram & Muscat from Sep 15

Jet Airways, India`s premier international airline, will connect the capital cities of the Indian state of Kerala and the Sultanate of Oman, Thiruvanathapuram and Muscat respectively, with daily, direct flights, effective from Sep. 15, 2008.
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Guys, Nice pictures on progress of new terminal at TIA, very good.
Latest updates

10 out of 19 of the massive main ribs for Phase I have been erected. Columns for Phase II are coming up on the Chackai side and piling has been completed on the other side.

Shot with Canon PowerShot A630 at 2008-09-02
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Look at the size of the damn thing....!!!

We can get a sense of the massive size of the terminal by comparing the size of the giant main rib with the minuscule figures standing next to it.

Shot with Canon PowerShot A630 at 2008-09-02
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^^^^ Whew, Ajay! This is a revelation! This structure seems to be as tall as a 5-6 storied building!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:The perspectives never gave the indication of this being so tall!

And the length also seems to be misleading..If there are 9 more frames to go in the first phase then the structure will already be bigger than the present T-1 of TIA!!:banana::banana:
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