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trondheim is cool, i'll prolly go there this summer again, i am just a short cheap trainride away, trondheim is a great over the day holliday, GO EGONS

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Trondheim is number three, though some say Trondheim is the most beautiful city of all the big cities in Norway, though i can't confirm that!

More about Trondheim:

Sør Trøndelag - Norway

Trondheim is a 1000 year old city in mid-Norway. The city has developed and become the third largest
city in Norway with a population counting 154 351 (1.1.2004), but with over 170 000 in the metro
area. Trondheim is well known city and a famous tourist attraction because of its unique history, the
famous architecture especally its wooden houses and Nidarosdomen which is one of the largest and most
impressive church in Scandinavia.

The city was founded by one of the greatest Scandinavian viking kings, Olav Tryggvason in 997.
The name of the city was at that time Nidaros. In 1030 the viking king Olav den Hellige died in a battle
known as The battle on Stiklestad which is about 50km northeast of the city. He was buried in Nidaros,
and in 1070 they started to built the cathedral Nidarosdomen on his tomb. Nidaros soon grew to
the largest city, and the most important city and became the first capitol of Norway. In the 11th,
12th and 13th century Nidaros become a great power and ruled Norway, Greenland, Iceland, parts of
Scotland, parts of Sweden, Faroe Islands, Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands. But then the black
death came, and half the population died. Most of them was the educated people. So the glory dissapared
and the city started a slow reconstruction which lasted intill the 16th century when the development
speeded up again. But infamous fires ravaged the city in 1598, 1651, 1681, 1708, 1717 (two fires that
year), 1742, 1788, 1841, and 1842. The fires in 1651 and 1681 destroyed over 90% of the city and led
to a total reconstruction of the city.

Overview over downtown Trondheim with the fjord outside.

The caste, built in the 17th century.

Statue of Olav Trygvasson. Olav Trygvasson was a famous Norwegian viking king who established the city in 997.

Trondheim winter.

A large stone building, the oldest building of Trondheim University(NTNU) who has over 20 000 students each year.

Old wooden buildings.

Old wooden buildings.

Kristiansten Festning, a fortres built in the 16th century on a hill with exellent view over downtown Trondheim.

From Tyholttårnet you have a wonderful 360 degree view over whole Trondheim and its surroundings.

Nidarosdomen, one of the largest church in Scandinavia. It was here one the greatest Scandinavian viking king was buried 1000 years ago.

From the old parts of the city:

One of the largest wooden buildings in the world.
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