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TTC reports $22 million surplus due to ridership growth last year

Published On Mon Jun 25 2012

The crowded Yonge line is one symptom of increasing ridership at the TTC, which continues to grow beyond projections.

Tess Kalinowski Transportation Reporter

If you thought the TTC was feeling a little, let’s say close, in 2011, you weren’t imagining things.

The TTC was packing them in last year with 500 million rides — 13 million more than transit officials expected, resulting in a $22 million surplus, according to the system’s consolidated 2011 financial statements.

In part, that’s because a fare hike failed to result in as many lost riders as transit officials expected, said TTC chief financial and administration officer Vince Rodo.....
read it all here:

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A sustainable transit system? Miraculous!

But then why is it taking so long to get things done?

If the TTC is actually producing a surplus, I don't know why they're doing things like cutting service on certain routes and taking so long to "revitalize" stations (Pape...).
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