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ISTANBUL — Turkey has officially begun training the first 60 cadets for the Somali national police force in Istanbul as part of its pledges to help rebuild Somali institutions.

Turkish officials and embassy staff from Somalia’s embassy in Ankara including general-secretary Abdukadir Mohamed Nor witnessed the launch of the program on Tuesday.

The 60 cadets include 5 women who will train along side their countrymen and other Turkish police units.

The ceremony, themed ‘Course in plant protection, protecting against terrorism’ was held in an academy just outside of Istanbul.

As part of her efforts to end the lawlessness, Turkey said it will train the police and military forces for the war-ravaged nation. They also offered to equip them with Turkish and foreign equipment.

Along with the police and massive reconstruction, Turkey is also training Somali students and medical professionals. Its projects are expected to contribute to Somalia at a level unseen since the Soviet Union in 1970s and 1980s. -- Source
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