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St Paul

Along the river:

Here is a photo of Fort Snelling. This photo was taken from St Paul but the fort is not in either of the cities proper. It was built in 1821 atop bluffs at the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers and is the oldest American built building in the region. It was built to establish US soverignty over the northern plains:

Now for some photos of Cathedral Hill. Cathedral Hill sits on a hill due west of downtown, it is the high rent district:

This is a Louis Sullivan apartment building. I tried to get the whole thing but the lighting was not co-operating:

Crocus Hill is next to Cathedral Hill to the west and is a slightly newer and more downscale continuation of the same muse:

John Dillinger was in a shootout with the police in this building:

Midway is midway between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St Paul, it is pretty much in the center of the metro area. The main street is University Ave which is going to be the route for the Central Corridor light rail between the downtowns which is to be built in a few years. Probably once the light rail is built University Ave will become more dense and urban. It already has some good material to work with but there are also a lot of empty spaces.

This is a block away from the intersection of University and Snelling which I believe is the busiest intersection in St Paul:

This mural is a couple blocks south at Snelling and Marshall:

Frogtown is north of Cathedral Hill and just west of the Capitol. This is the low rent district:

University Ave in Frogtown:




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