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twin towers in lower Manhattan

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I wanna invite everyone to discuss this topic HERE instead of the WTC1 thread and 432 Park Avenue thread.

May this thread be with you.
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credit my photo next time. Also, this thread is for discussing the concept of having twin towers, everyone realizes that there won't be twin towers.
It'll never happen, but I always liked the Gardner-Belton plan that Trump floated back in 2005. But that was before the "Freedom Tower" was redesigned to what's currently going up at the WTC, and also before Towers 2-4 were even announced.

What's going up now is respectful of what was there, one building even resembles what was there while being a vastly different building (1WTC). True, it's no Twin Towers, but we got back up to 1,368 feet, and that's just fine with me.
I say build back the original towers on the original footprints and make them 2001 ft tall or higher.
Some one who has good photo shop skills should render that! That would be cool. :)
It would have been HEAVEN:)

I totally support that.

Or why not double the height from the original towers?

The south tower was 1362 feet, multiply it x2 = 2724 feet tall.
In meters thats 830 meters^^:bow:

The north tower was 1368 feet, multiply it x2 = 2736 feet tall.
In meters thats 834 meters^^:bow:

But I think we must have made them also twice as wide.
I think the twins where 208.4 feet wide on all sides. Thats 63.5 meters wide. If we double that we have 416.8 feet, thats 127 meters wide buildings.

The results would have been the most dominating, biggest, and tallest buildings the world and mankind would have ever seen.
Just like the old twins at the time:)
Some one who has good photo shop skills should render that! That would be cool. :)
I will do it, just give me a second, but don't expect 2 600m towers in NYC to look good.
I will do it, just give me a second, but don't expect 2 600m towers in NYC to look good.
That will rock the world
Wow,never expected 2 600m towers to look somewhat okay, but it sort of does. We should have rebuilt the Twin Towers.

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^^ Wow, this is amazing. It is simply breathtaking. For a brutalist who loves heights like me this is simply perfection. Pure perfection :master::drool::banana2:
I made a render how new Twins that have the same footprints as the old ones but which are twice as tall would look like. I know this will never be built but it makes me enraged like hell when I think of what Larry and the PA have robbed us from. It was their duty to rebuild the Twins! In my opinion the PA and Larry are criminals :rant:


You have gone way too far :lol:
^^ They look like twin 432 parks with twice the dimensions :hilarious
I love the concept of twin towers, specially in New York since it basically became a symbol of it.
You have gone way too far :lol:
My first expressions where all this together:lol:

You mean of course that we haven't gone far enough?


I would like to see also how it would look like if they where twice as wide also.

When I see these buildings I see that we could have bring those back home to New York. Stronger, Safer, Bigger, Taller, and Mightier. This is to restore the skyline as it should have been from the first place.
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