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Two seasons in an hour
April 11, 2005

Storm clouds over the city, viewed from Yarra Bend.
Photo: Paul Harris

What next - snow in the CBD?

It seems anything is possible with Melbourne's fickle weather.

Yesterday afternoon, the temperature in the city plunged almost 13 degrees, from an unseasonal 34.5 degrees at 1.35pm to 21.8 degrees at 5.40pm.

The cool change was accompanied by these menacing clouds, which dumped 5.4 millimetres of rain.

It was the fourth day over 30 degrees so far this month.

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That was some crazy hour! I was in St.Kilda at the time. Quite funny watching people relaxing the sun one minute, then running for cover the next.

Before the cool change:


And of course it was over as quickly as it came:

(looking west)
BTW, nice timelapse Dan
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