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This list contains the tallest buildings in Benidorm wich are already under construction, but it miss some, because it's very hard to find news about new projects, in the spanish forum we haven't got any forumer from Benidorm, there are some more U/C around 30 floors, this is all we know:
1.Torre Lúgano. 43Floors. 158m.
2.Torre Kronos. 41F. *NEW*
3.Sol de Poniente 2. 36F.
4.Gemelos 26-1. 33F. *NEW*
5.Gemelos 26-2. 33F. *NEW*
6.Miragolf Playa 1. 33F.
7.Miragolf Playa 2. 33F.
8.El Mirador del Mediterraneo. 33F.
9.Las Terrazas de Benidorm 1. 29F.
10.Las Terrazas de Benidorm 2. 29F.

Some pics of the new ones:


and a scan by the forumer BARRABAX image

GEMELOS 26 1&2

New render of TORRE LUGANO, where it seems to be... 45-46F tall?

And this is a render of a building we don't know anything about, it was in a photo gallery of Torre Lugano, but it isn't Torre Lugano, surely is a new project for Benidorm:

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