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#U/C-Seef: "BAHRAIN BUSINESS PARK" | 2 x 22F , Off-Res

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Location: Bahrain, Seef District, just next to city Centre
Developers: Grand Real Estate Company (Kuwait)
Financial Partner: Investors' Bank (Al Mustathmeroun Bank) - Bahrain
Components: 22 floor Commercial Office Tower & Residential Tower
Land Area: 34,000 Sqm
Cost: BD 30 million

Bahrain Business Park project, to be located in Al-Seef Area - Kingdom of Bahrain. The proposed project is Business Park Development adjacent to the Sea from the north. The plot of land is approximately 34,000 m2 and consists of two plots separated by a road. The project will consist of two towers linked by a bridge structure on the top level each of 22 story high, one tower housing offices, the second tower is residential apartment's. The business Park project is of a High-Tech and smart building. (Grand Company -Kuwait - Website)

Supporting: Al Waqt Article

Supporting: Al Watan News Article
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Piling has started for this project, location is right after the traffic light when you pass City Center heading to Citibank, two plots on the left and right.
I love this project, bit of Vegas in Seef.
This is one project I thought will never be built, good they got approval for it.
I love this project, bit of Vegas in Seef.
My thoughts exactly.
When will construction start... One of the sites has a couple of construction machines or something... and a couple of pillars... But nothing much seems to be happening, i don't get it..
The piling work is finished, and I think they're in the process of assigning the building contractor.

The chairman of the developing company passed away two months ago, I think this may have something to do with the delay.
This project is on hold. The developer (Grand) has big liquidity problems, and I heard rumours the plots are for sale.
terrible news,,, i thought this project was designed brilliantly ,, especially with the bridge on the top
hi. is there any new update on the project or is this still on hold?
^^^^ Still on hold. Grand doesn't have the cash or bank facilities to go ahead with the project. I heard they tried to sell the land to Al Futaim (City Center) but he did not give them a price near their asking price.
thanks for the immediate reply.:) i've been contacting the client but no one is picking up and the consultant does not want to say anything.
^^ Try these numbers
P.O. Box 2734, Safat 13028
Telephone: +965 2495599
Fax: +965 2495125 / +965 2495130
E-mail: [email protected]
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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