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#U/C-Seef: "BAHRAIN BUSINESS PARK" | 2 x 22F , Off-Res

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Location: Bahrain, Seef District, just next to city Centre
Developers: Grand Real Estate Company (Kuwait)
Financial Partner: Investors' Bank (Al Mustathmeroun Bank) - Bahrain
Components: 22 floor Commercial Office Tower & Residential Tower
Land Area: 34,000 Sqm
Cost: BD 30 million

Bahrain Business Park project, to be located in Al-Seef Area - Kingdom of Bahrain. The proposed project is Business Park Development adjacent to the Sea from the north. The plot of land is approximately 34,000 m2 and consists of two plots separated by a road. The project will consist of two towers linked by a bridge structure on the top level each of 22 story high, one tower housing offices, the second tower is residential apartment's. The business Park project is of a High-Tech and smart building. (Grand Company -Kuwait - Website)

Supporting: Al Waqt Article

Supporting: Al Watan News Article
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I love this project, bit of Vegas in Seef.
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