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Which Queen's Wharf Development Proposal do you prefer?

  • Crown/Greenland Proposal

    Votes: 34 18.2%
  • Echo/Chow Tai Fook (Destination Brisbane) Proposal

    Votes: 153 81.8%
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^^ I've got photos from 2013 that still show the crack as being visible.
Or over the world can movement by itself nobody feeling them and unnoticeable them and can crack appears by movement and you know 12.8 centimetres movements per year this earth probably reason for crack appears as well as earthquake can push 15.4 centimetres if 9.0 magnitude somewhere ocean

If you photo on 2013 would be from japan two years early I sure do and interesting one things can crack appears if up to 35 earthquake when over 7.0 magnitude per year enough push to crack appear as well

Crack come from earth movement we cannot stop them ... just leave them ... more than 530,400 buildings older than 70-100 years old they’re can collapsing if earthquake struck them and if they crack appears would be not upgrades yet then people would be died if they not fix it.
6201 - 6217 of 6217 Posts