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The British men’s magazine Stuff, known for its technology and gadget content as well as its covers featuring scantily clad women, will launch its first edition in Cambodia next week, its local publisher confirmed Wednesday.

“We will launch at the end of May for the June edition,” said Paul Weinert, sales and marketing manager of Southeastern Globe Communications Ltd., which is also the publisher of the Southeast Asia Globe magazine.

“We see there is an emerging technology market in Cambodia and more young Cambodians are getting into technology.”

Mr. Weinert said Stuff’s U.K. publisher, Haymarket Media Group Ltd., approached Southeastern Globe Communications last year to begin publishing.

Tassilo Brinzer, owner of Southeastern Globe Communications, said the monthly magazine will offer articles about the local technology industry as well as content supplied by Haymarket, in both English and Khmer.

“We will produce as much local content as possible to support the growing tech industry in Cambodia, but we also want to show what is happening around the world,” he said.

In the U.K., Stuff’s circulation is in decline, and its U.S. edition folded in 2007.

But Mr. Brinzer said Stuff Cambodia is hoping to channel the magazine’s popularity in Malaysia and Singapore.

“The Asian market is different. Europe and America are flooded with websites and tech blogs,” he said. “Cambodia has a lot to offer. We are offering [Cambodians] a resource to be part of this growing market.”

Cambodia, however, still lacks a technology scene equivalent to those in Malaysia and Singapore, and obtaining products featured by Stuff in the country can at times be difficult, if not impossible.

Ceri Williams, Stuff Cambodia’s editor, said the magazine will offer more than just previews and reviews of the newest gadget.

“It’s not only about technology and gadgets,” she said. “It’s also about the lifestyle.”

Stuff Cambodia’s inaugural edition will cost 9,000 riel, or about $2.25, while every edition thereafter will cost 11,000 riel, or about $2.75.
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