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Doha Projects and Beyond

Under Construction

U/C: Hotel Khalifa, Doha
U/C: Al-Firdous (10F, Hotel, Residence, Montazah, 2007)
U/C: Al-Majed Tower and Shopping Center
U/C: Al Jassim Tower, 14F ?, Doha
U/C:Waab City Project
U/C: Merweb Hotel, Al-Ghanim Area (12F)
U/C: Al-Wakrah Hospital, Al-Wakra, Qatar
U/C: La Cigale Hotel, 100m, Al-Sadd
U/C: New Doha International Airport (East Doha, 2009)
U/C: Ras Laffan Port Expansion (North of Qatar)
U/C: Largest Mosque in Qatar
U/C: Museum of Islamic Art (I. M. Pei), Cornishe
U/C : Al Saad Development (17f+17f+20f+20f)
U/C:New Exhibition Center (mid-2007)
U/C: Doha Cultural Village
U/C: Al Mana Towers
U/C: Grand Hyatt Doha
U/C: Al Hitmi Commercial & Residential Development, Cornishe
U/C: Wakrah, Al Khor and Al Ruwais ports
U/C : Landmark Mall Extention

U/C Total: 20 Projects


Approved: Barwa City
Approved: Qatar-Bahrain "Friendship" Causeway ($2.7bn, Zubara)
Approved: Retaj Hotel, 10F, 'Al Ghanem' Old District
Approved: the Wall Stadium (MZ& Partners)
Approved: Ain Khalid Commercial Development (3.5 billion QR, 2009)
Approved: TGW Tower
Approved: Stadium, Doha - Qatar
Approved: BU2 Tower
Approved: Five Star Hotel • Doha • Qatar
Approved:Q.I.T tower (MZ& Partners)

Approved Total: 10 Projects


Proposed: ASPIRE Extention, Doha
Proposed: Business Park and Hotel (Airport Area)
Proposed: Al-Awina tower 17f
Proposed: Doha-Manama Maglev Train Link
Proposed: Taj Exotica Golf and Spa Resort ($220m)
Proposed: Regency Mall
Proposed: Traditional Textile & Costume Museum in Qatar
Proposed: Al-Khor Master Plan
Proposed: Photography Museum
Proposed: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha
Proposed: International Park

Proposed Total: 10 Towers

Unknown Status:

Unknown Status: Cultural Centre of Doha, Qatar

Unknown Status Total: 1 Project


Qatar Foundation (Education City)

Education City Master Plan

--->U/C: Qatar Foundation: Open Ceremonial Courtyard
U/C Total: 1 Project

--->Proposed: Islamic Studies College
--->[Proposed: Sidra Medical and Research Center ($7.9billion, 2010)
Proposed Total: 2 Project

--->[U/C:Convention Centre
--->[U/C: Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
--->[U/C: Qatar Science and Technology Park - QSTP
--->[U/C: Al Shaqab Stud
U/C Total: 4 Projects

Lusail City

U/C: Lusail City Development

---> U/C: Energy City Qatar, Lusail City
U/C Total: 1 Project

---> Proposed: Qatar Petrolium Complex ( Lusail )
---> Proposed: Entertainment City
---> Proposed: The Piazza, 14 towers, Lusail
Proposed Total: 3 Projects

---> Approved: Cement Tower (MZ&Partners)
Approved Total: 1 Project

The Pearl-Qatar

U/C: The Pearl Qatar Project

---> Approved: Four Seasons Hotel The Pearl (450 rooms)
---> Approved Total: 1 Project

---> Proposed: QIC tower
Proposed Total: 1 Project

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I heard that Qatar world cuild the world's first underground stadium. It is to have a capacity of 10,000.

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U/C:New Exhibition Center (mid-2007) should be moved to competed.

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New projects in Qatar designed by a consulting firm called, Iproplan.
No details of the projects were given as of yet.

The Aqua Tower

The Military Academy. Probably part of the Education city,
where they said before they'll establish a military academy,
supervised by Sandhurst Royal Academy.

Al-Wakrah Mall

Umm Salal public park

The Star Tower

Hayat Plaza Expansion

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hmmmmmmm thanks wakrawi..... i really liked aqua tower and star tower they look nice... star tower is better imo lol..... the park, good, more greenery, but it dosent look like there is anything in the park since it looks plain..... ands the hayatt plaza expansion looks nothing like the current building ! where will they expand it ? into aspire park ?

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Fox Hill Cybertecture Hotel, Doha, Qatar

Fox Hill Cybertecture Hotel in Qatar, is one of a kind, the next generation hotel which designed by James Law Cybertecture International. It is a 5 storey building with hundreds of efficient hotel rooms over 4 levels. The form of the building is derived from the waves of the ocean which symbolizes the inexhaustible energy from the nature.

The hotel provides a brand new check-in style to the guests utilizing ybertecture check-in pods floating on water at the lobby area, an approach different from the typical check-in counter. All the check-in processes would be done automatically. Integration of the mechanical luggage track, the luggage can automatically conveyor your designated hotel room.

The interior space of each room at Fox Hill Cybertecture Hotel is designed with a new funky proposition. Every fixture is fused with the wall and ceiling to give a coherent feeling. The openable building skin is controllable by the guest to limit the unwanted glare from the sun and to give comfortable privacy.
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