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#UNDER C: "Al Salam Palace Renovation", 5F, ?M, Museum

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Hello everyone -

I have created this thread as a dedicated page for the renovation and reconstruction of the Al Salam Palace.

Currently being handled by the Amiri Diwan, the Al Salam Palace is located in the prestigious Shuwaikh residential area with frontage on Arabian Gulf Street and the First Ring Road/Jahra Road expansion. Built in the 1960s as a residence for visiting heads of state, the Palace was a beautiful celebration of architecture and design and served as a local landmark until it was heavily damaged in the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait in 1990. The Palace remained abandoned and falling apart with rumors of it being demolished or turned into a hotel backed by the Kuwait Municipality.

Thankfully however, the Amiri Diwan took over the Palace grounds and have begun a renovation project that will see it rebuilt to its nearly original design. There will be some modern expansions and additions but the Palace will remain virtually the same. Upon completion of the project by 2016, it will reopen as a museum adjacent to the upcoming Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center, which is currently under construction next door.

The project will include two blocks:
- Block P - the Palace itself
- Block Q - a parking facility in front of the Palace below the driveway to the entrance

The project is currently being tendered and full works should begin very soon.

- K
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Here are some photos posted in another thread; all photos are by Mark of the popular Kuwait-based blog.

- K

Al-Salaam Palace in the 60's :

Photos by
Al-Salaam Palace now :

Photos by

Al-Salaam Palace now:

Photos by
Anyone know who the contractor is for this project?
Good news: construction is in full swing!

I was in Kuwait a week ago and drove by the Palace at night on Arabian Gulf Street. I saw a set of trailers on site, tarp covering some of the building's facades, spotlights on all over the site and workers moving in and out of the building. It looks like the Amiri Diwan is handling this project very seriously and I can't be happier.

On that note, the Diwan is also handling the neighboring Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center and the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center and museums next to Shaab Park. All projects are moving along very quickly and I fully believe that they'll be up and running by their projected opening dates next year. Good for them, this is exactly what this country needs.

- K
Anyone know who the contractor is for this project?
Combined Group Contracting
Excellent post, Kazima! So happy to see this progress.

What is your source for these images?

- K
^^ Abbas Norozi and the last 2 images are from Al Rai
The way the tower cranes light up over there at night is really cool! I was in Kuwait over Christmas and really loved it. It's so beautiful as you drive down the first ring road. Wish I'd taken a picture of it...
Construction update August 31st 2015

So construction is well underway. I've taken these images from the road across so I do apologise for the quality.

The screens on the sides of the building have been installed and all of the concrete structure is completed.

They're currently worked on the metal canopy

Completion of the Al Salam Palace restoration has been pushed back to April 2017. 426 days to completion from today.

- K
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