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#UNDER C-Beirut: "Faculty of Engineering and Architecture" (AUB)

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Architect: Nabil Gholam

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So much going on at AUB...But isn't it too modern for the Campus? I think AUB should preserve its old style architecture.

Any information about the status?
i think the uni will look awesome with a bit of both.. my old uni at Sydney is the same.. has heaps of historical buildings but in the past year new developments hav givn it a more retro look.. those interested try visit this site:
Yeah some diversity wouldnt heart
This new building will only house the engineering departments, not the department of Architecture and Design. I saw the presentation in class.
By the way, if you can notice the red and yellow tube things in the third photo, well actually these things are meant to be displayed as they show how things work in the building..
This is not the only building projected to be built in the lower campus area, close to the new business building. They're thinking of whether to change the Architecture Building (because it's getting too small to accommodate us).. Theyre going to create a main axis with a few green spaces, and possibly a multi-story parking building. It's only this building which is surely to be built though..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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