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A project by Trillium Development

Beauty, functionality, suitability... these three words define the very spirit and foundation of ISOCELE, a modern and impressive high rise commercial complex which consists of 19 floors of office spaces, 3 floors dedicated to retail and 6 car parking basement levels that carry a total of 280 spaces - 162 for offices and retail shops with an extra 118. In all, ISOCELE boasts being built up to very high standards of quality, reliability and comfort.
ISOCELE – named from the equally measured and triangular shape of the land on which it was built – demonstrates exquisite execution of one of the most challenging building designs. It is simply a sight to behold. From its excellent arrangement of spaces and contemporary layout, the ISOCELE concept produces an interesting mix of retail shops and office spaces, masterfully adapted to create a dynamic and stimulating business environment for you.

ISOCELE is strategically located in a highly urban area on the main street of Sami El Solh in Beirut, with easy access to major destinations within and outside Beirut.Some places of interest just minutes away from ISOCELE include educational establishments, shopping centers, museum, hospitals, restaurants, syndicates and banks. There are a number of educational establishments in the immediate area like the Lycee Francais School which is just three minutes away. Similarly, the USJ, AUST and Sagesse Universities are five minutes away. In addition, ABC Ashrafieh Mall, Galaxy Mall, Beirut Mall, Sodeco Square and the famous City Centre Shopping Mall opening in 2013 are just round the corner.
To top that, you are only ten minutes away from Habtoor, Le Mall and Downtown, Verdun, while the sea, mountain, Raific Hariri international airport and sea port are all easily and speedily accessible. To add icing to the cake, various boutiques, coffee shops and very good restaurants surround ISOCELE offering you the wonderful tastes and delights of Beirut.So, whether you crave a nice meal, love to shop, take in history or wish to stay close to your needs and various public and private business concerns, while still enjoying extensive and un-interrupted views of the city, ISOCELE is the place for you.

Office Spaces:
Office spaces within ISOCELE offer a magnificent blend of quality, style and functionality. Spacious, modern and well laid out, these finely finished office units will provide answers to your every need - whether you are a new business looking for space to accommodate your growing number of employees, or an established company simply searching for better space.Office spaces cover Level 2 to Level 20 of the building.With a total number of 71 office spaces covering 19 floors, ISOCELE offers:
  • Office spaces ranging in size from 63 sqm to 193 sqm.
  • Total built up office space area of 6599 sqm.
  • 280 available car parking spaces for offices and retail areas.
  • Office floors at 19th and 20th levels can be sold as one pentoffice.
  • Pentoffice floor with a terrace area of 95 sqm.
  • Expandable design which enables more offices to be added horizontally to existing offices.
Retail Outlets:
Retail spaces within ISOCELE were particularly designed, suitable and fit for purpose and are a pleasant yet affordable response to the need for an attractive, spacious and cosy environment for customers. ISOCELE shows the understanding that people want their business premises to inspire and delight. There are 14 Retail spaces within ISOCELE which cover 3 floors (1st basement, the ground floor and the 1st floor) and offer shop owners with significant added value including:
  • Shop spaces ranging in size from 171 sqm to 331 sqm.
  • Total built up retail shop area of 3675 sqm.
  • Plan for each shop owner to own spaces laid (vertically) upon each other covering 3 levels.
  • Prime location for high customer traffic.
  • Proximity to residential and commercial areas.
  • 280 available car parking spaces for offices and retail areas.
ISOCELE is a result of the attention we paid to the requirements of our clients... Simply put, our clients’ needs gave direction to our designs.



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