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The project total value:US$ 121 million

Execution period: 1278 days.

The project is located on Al Raqaay area, beside the 4th ring road.

The project scope of work:
The construction of:
• 5 residential and dormitory buildings
• 4 educational academic buildings
• 4 administrative buildings
• 5 recreational and sports buildings, a restaurant, a library, a theatre and a mosque.
• 5 training buildings
• Central air-conditioning station, an entrance, Wood Court, Pistol Range, roads, fences and landscaping.

The project owner: Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait

Designer: The International American Office (SOM) Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP with Kuwaiti Gulf Consulting Office.

The estimated costs of establishing, constructing and maintaining the new police academy compound ـ to be built over 304,284 square meters at AlـMubarakia military camps in the Gـ1 Area ـ is expected to reach up to 45.5 million Kuwaiti dinars, official said.

Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the project''s engineer Saeed AlـAmir said that the new police academy would include an Olympicـsize swimming pool,a mosque, sports courts, towers, training centers, chambers, a library, cafeterias, a theatre hall, and a showground to hold the annual graduation ceremonies.

The project reflects the tactical, traditional and Islamic architecture lines, he said, and was designed to endure the harsh weather conditions here.

The police academy building is designed to embrace 1,200 officers and 165 training crew.
The latest technology is to be implemented in the new project, AlـAmir added.
To save energy and time, bridges will be constructed to link the project''s buildings, he said.

The project also includes an external parking lot with a capacity of 993 cars, plus an inner parking lot enough for 1,006 vehicles, he added.

The project''s construction is expected to be completed by November 2011

- Al-watan daily


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Kuwait Police Academy, Kuwait City

There’s nothing predictable about the design for the Kuwait Police Academy. It’s the product of an intriguing collaboration between SOM and artist James Turrell. Boardroom SOM and sky-gazing Turrell somehow make an unlikely pair, though Turrell also likes to operate on a grand scale and is no stranger to the nuances of desert light. In any event, it is probably fair to assume that light installations and such sophisticated design have never met in a police training facility. One can understand Kuwaitis wanting to bolster confidence and security following the Gulf War, and one would expect money to be no object, but the academy still has an embarrassment-of-riches feel. It reminds one that inspired architecture can be found in the most unexpected places.

The thoughtfulness of the design can be seen in the building surfaces, constructed from modules that evoke the Kufic calligraphy of Islamic architecture. Most striking, perhaps, are the light chambers that Turrell designed for the entrances of the dormitory and adminstrative buildings. Turrell, perhaps just for his own edification, has given them names like Sky-Pond, Void-Circle and Big Open; names worthy of a Zen monastery. Away from a vast courtyard, there are other features that inspire pause, including a boardwalk oasis planted with royal palms and a trapezoidal mosque with water pools and oblique light shafts.
Will Kuwait become home to the calmest, most enlightened police in the world? Some may never want to graduate.
- Contemporary Magazine



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Fire roars through new Saad AlـAbdullah Academy construction site

A full year after the fire incident that occurred at the underـconstruction new Special Forces compound in Sulabiya, the underـconstruction new Saad AlـAbdullah Academy for Security Studies caught fire Friday after the midـday prayers.

Four separate buildings of the developing compound were on fire, composing a total area of 5,000 square meters, with five fire trucks on the scene to combat the fire, resulting in two injuries to firefighters from smoke inhalation while performing their duties.
A source at the Kuwait Fire Services Directorate stated to Al Watan that preliminary investigations indicated that a cigarette butt started the fire which spread to the other buildings.
Moreover, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works Abdulaziz AlـKulaib said the cause of the fire at the Saad AlـAbdullah Academy construction site "is still unknown, and we can not know the depth of the impact caused by the fire, only after the issuance of the report from the Fire Services Directorate, in addition to a special report from the Ministry of Works to ascertain the reason and the size of the loss."
AlـKulaib noted that this report will show the extent of the damage caused to the three buildings, and the "solutions that we must take to remedy the situation, it will be through the removal of the damaged parts or even completely tearing down the partial construction and then reـbuilding again; the report will include all the affected buildings to determine the extent of the damage and then take the necessary measures to remedy the situation."
AlـKulaib added that there were no casualties, "but there is a loss of wood and iron and concrete, and it is difficult to know the size of these losses without the completion of the report."

Saad AlـAbdullah Academy is being constructed off the Fourth Ring Road over an area of 304,284 square meters that was expected to be completed in November 2011 at a total cost of 45 million Kuwaiti dinars, and is comprised of academic departments and a registration building, the college and sports facilities and classrooms, housing and dining halls, a mosque, services for officers and soldiers, building services, a library and conference rooms, and a private shooting field.
- Al-Watan Daily

- YouTube video of the fire

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Kuwait Police Academy

Thank you for setting up this page and its information. Designing that Academy took three years of my professional life. I'm happy to see it finally underway, after 12 years, though the fire is obviously terrible.

Again, thank you.

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Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy

The 2.2 million square foot campus is a largely self-sufficient facility that serves as the primary educational institution for cadets preparing to become Kuwaiti military officers. The program includes three cadet dormitories, two staff dormitories, and an officer’s residence, as well as training and academic buildings. A parade ground, athletic stadium, and helipad are among the primary exterior program spaces.

Project Facts:

Completion Year: 2010
Site Area: 100 hectares
Project Area: 186,000 m2
Building Height: 32 m
Number of Stories: 8


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Guys, it just dawns on me that i might be posting info about two different projects in the same thread!! :nuts:
can someone confirm if the 'Saad AlـAbdullah Academy for Security Studies' and the 'Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy' are one and the same project or different ones?! ... or is this another called "kuwait police academy"?!!! :hammer:

Though the renders appear the same, the related info differs.. for example, while the Al-watan articles in the first and 2nd posts put the project area at 304,284 m2, the SOM page puts it at just 186,000 m2, they also differ in the dates of completion...
The link on post #6, calls it the Ali Al-Sabah military academy but the renders are different and says KEO won the design competition?!!
maybe there were changes to the original plans, can anyone shed any light on this matter?

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Saad Al Abdullah is the police academy...
And Ali Al Sabah is the military academy...
They're two different and separate academies over by The UN roundabout...
But that's all I know about'em

No clue where the new campuses are planned to be built
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