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#UNDER C: UNNAMED TOWER, ?F Res, Marsa, Dubai Marina (next to Marina Heights)

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Name-unknown yet
height-unknown yet
floors-unknown yet
finnish-unknown yet

The vacent plot next to marina heights ( to its west) and to the east of al meria has some piling activity starting. This is a great plot and will have good marina views and not such good ocean views to the wall of towers in front of it.
Will try to get some more info but could the site of one of the mystery super tall towers.
Could someone take a pic of the works and the hoarding going up
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oh let it be Marina Gardens ,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
this is bad news for our marina heights guys!
i was convinced a tower will be built although there was a certain likeliness for a car park for the shopping mall

so, we once more have to wait for the sign board :(

so it is one the left side of marina heights here?
that is quite bad for the marina view of the marina heights residentials.
but sa boy are you sure that this will become a tower...?
well prime location.should be marina gardens.
and out tower block becomes taller and taller...
he's talking about the plot behind al amira and emirates crown
in the marina heights row there are 3 plots
on plot 1 is marina heights
on plot 2 will be a part of the shopping mall
and on plot 3 a new tower will come up (marina gardens?), might be cause it's a huge plot!
ah i see.
but didn't almillion tell us that this plot will be a parking space actually , the mh developer assured him..?
then it isn't that bad for the marina heights guys, al ameera will be in front of them or marina gardens , so there is no matter.
but this block will be sooo amazing, :)
maybe it's the piling for a multistorey car park? :lol:
sorry, but i can't believe they will build a car park on such an expensive and prime location plot
this is a don't
If it isn't a car park I may be putting my apartment up for sale quickly!
Im still confused where this plot is!
I'm pretty sure they're talking about the plot which is above (in the map) the Marina Heights plot, directly beneath the Al Almeera plot.

If its a tall tower it means that everyone that paid a premium for a "sea-facing" apartment in the Marina Heights is going to be very annoyed indeed ....
well the only change is that the tower in front of you is closer, but thats it...
but i think for about 1.300000 $ you can easily find another big and nice apartment in better location in the marina...
Guys, I was there yesterday and the 2 plots between marina heights and al meria are getting hoarding and there are 2 rigs , 1 on each site. Me thinks that we will deffinatly get a tower on the one closest to Al meria and the one next to marina heights could be a mall?? but dont think the traffic in the area could suport another shopping precinct especailly as I have seen plans for a new mall further along the marina before the first bridhe , next to marina diamind I with is about 35000m2 so its not small at all.
maybe they cancelled the plans for the mall completely in this area
it would have been between mag 218 and marina pinnacle and as well between al seef and 23 marina

once more waiting is the only thing to do :(
the gap between marina pinacle and mag 218 is too small and the gap between marina pinacle and le reve is a road so Id say that the mall may be on the back burner that block (E) on the map is deffinatly the tallest on the planet towers from 90/80/70/60/50/40
not bad for the marina entrance
Can someone take a picture of this area next to the Marina Heights as it is now pls! Cheers!
i still can't see any action on this free sandy plot

That was there in January - nothing on them and they don't seem to serve a purpose.
No tower there, sorry guyz!

parking ,parking

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