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Unified Grand Central Station

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Jan 18, 2017. Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade today led the signing of the memorandum of agreement that would pave the way for the construction of the common station that will connect LRT1, MRT 3 and MRT 7. Ayala Chairman and CEO Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala said, “Bringing the private and public sector together to address the pressing problems we have is the perfect example of leadership from the government in bringing us all in the private sector together to build facility for a common good.”

The agreement was signed by Gen. Reynaldo Berroya (Ret.); LRMC’s Manuel Pangilinan and Rogelio Singson; ULC’s Ramon Ang and Lorenzo Formoso III; DPWH Sec. Mark Villar; SMPH’s Hans Sy and Jeffrey Lim, NTDCC/ALI’s Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala and Bernard Vincent Dy.

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diba may layout nang nagpost dito? nasan na yun hehehe...
as much as possible, the State should still have control over this project. from the looks of it, it seems like the State is the one kowtowing to corporate interests. this goes against Duterte's image of a having an "uncompromising and clean government."

still, the original design should remain and this Ayala-lobbied "Common Station" should be ditched. Tugade should just resign if he will only kowtow to Ayala and other business interests groups. yung pagbibigay niya ng oras kay Yuseco at pagpapasok niya kay Kintanar was already a sign that he is not the man for the job.
Okay...setting aside my "sama ng loob" with the Ayalas and putting my speculative engineering hat on....I'm still a transit geek. ;)

One of the things that is really puzzling is the presence of two viaducts, one viaduct for MRT3 and another for LRT1. Currently there is one existing viaduct that physically links MRT3 and LRT1.

This is a clearer image of what walrus357 posted earlier...


It looks like the existing MRT3/LRT1 viaduct will remain BUT a *new* LRT1 viaduct will be constructed. If you look at the upper left part of the image, my guess is this new viaduct will be built and linked at the existing provisions left for the original Common Station. Now where the new LRT1 viaduct wlll end, who knows but obviously before the existing North Avenue Station.

It kinda makes sense since LRT1 is now under LRMC/Ayala so they can extend that a little with its own viaduct if they want. But note that MRT3 riders will be far away from MRT7 while the Ayala controlled LRT1 is sandwiched between.
looks good :banana::banana::banana::banana:...

sana meron din MRT from south alabang diretso to bulacan via C5 pasig? possible via Trident Transport system?
In my view: advantages of the proposed station:

- Spreads out the three lines, mitigating overcrowding
- Direct connection to the future Vertis North CBD, which also connects to various gov't offices
- Makes use of the wider triangular space between SM North and Trinoma, instead of squeezing everything within the width of EDSA as in the original design
- Most importantly: has the support of all major players, preventing any further delays

The argument that it makes commuters walk too far is baffling to me. SM Megamall from end to end is over 500 meters, but does anyone complain? It's not distance that matters but the quality of the walkway -- airconditioned, even floor, pleasant scenery.
Sana ganito na lang

Dulles Metro Station

Proposed Kuwait Metro Station

Proposed Hyderhabad Metro Station
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^^^actually one great leap na yung design ng terminal na yan. according to pinas standard.
kita mo yung napakahabang skylight?



eto lang napansin ko sa design.

sobrang taas ng poste sa may concourse mismo. medyo open masyado yung gilid. very open to elements. walang takip?

di ko rin maintindihan yung napakalalaking poste sa terminal mismo. engineering feat ba ang bubong sa bigat at kahit naka skylight na ay kelangan pa din ng massive concrete post with few meters away from each other?

IMO, this is not the final design. maybe same layout but changes must be made. di ko rin makita ang stairs connecting the platform to the councourse.
Kahit kailan talaga ang hirap i-please ng mga PINOY. Daming chenes and churva naman ng mga tao dito, atleast for almost 9 "FREAKING" years mayroon na tayong proof at totoong visualization na hindi na ito drawing at possible na siyang mangyari. Kung magsisihan pa at magdedemandahan or hintayin bago makulong si Abaya sa kanyang Mastermind idea about sa Common Station baka were all dead.

Design wise might not be appealing to others here but does it matter with the majority of riding public?? Ang mahalaga sa kanila is ang makarating sila kung saan man sila pumunta na walang magiging aberya sa byahe nila. Ang sakit sa Bangs sa dami ng topnotchers sa Architecture/Engineering Licensure Exam sa Forum na ito. :eek:hno::bash:

I don't even care about the design at this point, but the "airy" feel looks good at first glance. I'm actually more happy that there is now tangible movement towards getting this thing done...finally!
So it is settled then, finally! What I'd like to add: PLEASE also realize the greenery as shown in the renderings. Highly unlikely that they'd actually care about that, I know (due to maintenance costs and being outside their malls), but Manila is really lacking greenery, all dusty concrete. The more greenery, the cleaner + cooler the air is as well.
bat di na lang gawin bus station yung gitna
Ted Failon is in full force today. He has Nato Reyes as a live guest, read a letter from Senator Grace Poe outlining her concerns to the DOTr, and when I tuned in, he was currently talking with Speaker Alvarez.

Tune in DZMM now!

Update 1: The cost of the government is indeed 2.8 BILLION. Alvarez is totally against it, "win win" only for those with commercial interest. Alvarez's main concern is convenience to the riding public. Ted is saying the budget committed is Php 777 million. Alvarez said he cannot recall if the 2.8 billion is part of the 2017 budget. If DOTr will be tackling the additional cost, it will be for 2018 budget. Given the huge difference, DOTr may face an uphill battle regarding getting the 2.8 billion approved. House will set up a hearing soon since the chairman of transportation committee was not informed. It seems for the House, the DOTr was quite sneaky and did the signing without their prior knowledge. "Bububsisin talaga namin yan", as per Speaker Alvarez.

Update 2: Ted is now speaking to Cherrie Mercado. Cherrie said the document signed is now "available" and will send Ted a copy. Cherrie said the 2.8 billion is based on the "projected cost" of the Common Station. Tugade really wants the project to move forward. Cherrie confirmed that tracks of LRT1 is connected to MRT3 (duh!) but passengers can't use it. Tugade insisted that "passenger comfort" is top priority and private sector "payag naman". Ted confronts Cherrie about the TRO, "alam mo ba kung bakit". Cherrie finally admits TRO is because "nilipat", Ted grills her further, "may nag-agaw". Ted asks "bakit satisfy ang dalawang negosyo at bakit hindi ang plano ng goberyno". Cherrie seems deflecting, saying its the Supreme Court's fault, "hindi makagalaw because of TRO, there were commitments for both mall owners from two administration." Cherie said that yes, the government can go back to the original plan but because they are "rushing", DOTr don't want to deal with AYALA suing!!! The time table for finalizing is 240 days after DED, they will file the removal of the TRO. Just about they were going to talk about convenience with Nato confronting Cherrie, the line is cut... :sly:

Update 2.5: Nato confronts Cherrie that no consultations with the public or commuter groups, saying the DOTr can simply go to the Supreme Court and say the previous administration made a mistake and they should go back to the original plan. She said she understands Nato's point but Tugade did not assume that there were mistakes from the PNoy administration and just move forward with what they have now. Ted keeps on grilling Cherrie on the fact that Ayala caused this issue, its a fact that the location of the Common Station was already settled in front of SM North. So if Trinoma is really the cause, why shouldn't they just shoulder the entire costs! Cherrie insists that the government still had costs. Cherrie said the 780 million cost was just for LRT1 and MRT3 as part of the LRT NEP back in 2007. In 2009, the 777 million was to add MRT7, so total cost is add both. Nato backed with NEDA government says the cost is just 500 million and the press release of 2.6 billion for is misleading. The 2.8 billion is only for Area A! Cherrie confirms Nato's figures, 1.5 billion, which is still lower. Cherie said the 2.6 billion were "new changes" for the SM Common Station during PNoy's time. Ted reads the document from the NEDA Board on 2009, the whole SM Common Station includes MRT7, the estimated budget is 777 million, not an addition to 780 million, etc! Its not gawa gawa, its information from those who studied the project.

Now for convenience being emphasized by Nato, the original plan all trains are beside each other. In the new design, MRT7 is isolated. So where is the public convenience? Ted emphazies if he was a normal mangagawa, I want to get to the next train ASAP, not to go window shopping. Cherrie seems to be conceding and says this is really the best solution they can have (she seems upset) and concedes that the public will be consulted. So Ted grills further, why consult the public now after the signing. Cherrie says 150 meters is hindi daw ganun kalayo. In this case, Ted emphasizes the opportunity is already there to put all three lines together if the original plan is followed. Now Ted is grilling her about Tugade's promise that there will be "no cost to the government", which is not the case. So Cherrie denies Tugade ever saying it even though it was clearly in the interview. So Ted lets Cherrie listen to the interview. Now Cherrie says she wants to hear the entire interview to see the context.

Now Ted is asking about DPWH issue due to the underpass, additional costs and the DPWH said they will change the design, it will cost more. It looks like DPWH is just adjust. Nato adds up and says ion 2009, they already had proposed the station beside Trinoma but was rejected because its more expensive, the area is floody for the underpass, etc. Cherrie said "well taken yun points". Now Ted asks about the traffic plan and asks who will pay for that costs, pretty much shutting down the entire intersection. Cherrie said they will work with DPWH on the traffic plan, dapat maskaunti ang impact.

Ted relays a question to Cherrie to ask Tugade if he has ownership of the station (he pays for it with his own money), would he allow the cost to increase from 777 million to 2.8 billion just because of what Ayala wants?

Ted asks about the pending lawsuit by Bayan Muna and what is Nato's take on this. Nato says on his part, there is still a process and this will need to be approved by NEDA wherein Digong is chairman. Digong had said previously he will fight the oligarchs so Nato will try to get this to his attention as an example of oligarchs vs the people. Nato seem to want to avoid a lengthy court battle so if Digong can do something about it (which makes things faster), he would prefer to go that route.

DJ Chacha read the texts and the reactions of those that texted are overwhelmingly against DOTr. Examples are "Laking perwisyo ang 150 meters" "Ang init ng ulo nila!" "Walang kwenta pagusap kay Mercado!"
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Seriously. How much do our architects like to the world they suck? So frustrating.
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news yesterday,
ask ko lang, wala pa bang balita about sa MRT 9?
i just notice in this video...

And meron paring mga problems along the way
after magkapirmahan...
^^ What really irks me is that there is already a 2009 Study done by Systra Philippines, as commissioned by the then DOTC on the location of the CS.

DOTC’s rail transport planning chief, Joel Magbanua was totally against the plan in moving the CS.

Kung hindi ba naman kasi [email protected] tong si Abaya, wala naman kinalaman yung CS location sa LRT1 Extension Project, bakit binundle pa niya doon...:bash:
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Where would be the connection for MRT9, the one that goes to West Avenue? Students going to University Belt from Novaliches, etc. will use it.
^^ Maka-Ayala kasi ang LP noon eh. Parang may "pabor"... :smug:
^^ What really irks me is that there is already a 2009 Study done by Systra Philippines, as commissioned by the then DOTC on the location of the CS.

DOTC’s rail transport planning chief, Joel Magbanua was totally against the plan in moving the CS.

Kung hindi ba naman kasi [email protected] tong si Abaya, wala naman kinalaman yung CS location sa LRT1 Extension Project, bakit binundle pa niya doon...:bash:
I guess mas appropriate ang thread na ito sa Railways section. What do you think?
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