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^^ not my idea bro, its Iasif's idea I think :p
I find this insulting to 4H, who clearly trying to do something in Bangladesh avaition for a change. and we are putting them down.

yes, maybe some members were playing fantasy game, but it was just a little fun way of showing that we are very interested in the growth of 4H as bangladesh avaition lovers.

It was unfortunate that iasif suggested a new thred for this, it's like kicking out 4H from the main forum. Why does iasif get's upset when other members discuss 4H, it's a free world and everyone has different opinion, we should not have to open a new thread for this.

I am sure you have realised now, that this thred was a waste of time. Only 3 posts so far. I realise not all members are socalled avaition experts, but I did not know this was an expert forum, or am I missing something?:?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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