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It was unfortunate that iasif suggested a new thred for this, it's like kicking out 4H from the main forum. Why does iasif get's upset when other members discuss 4H, it's a free world and everyone has different opinion, we should not have to open a new thread for this.
I don't think that is unfortunate...

It's clearly defined that the forum is regarding the trials and tribulations of the Bangladesh aviation sector in real life, not fantasy...

Mind you I have nothing against fantasy airlines, having participated in several before and in flight sim and used to play AE [Airline Empires] where I comanded the largest Asian airline with a fleet of [last time I played]

10 x A380
24 x B747-400ER
4 x A340-500
42 x A330-300
32 x A330-200
126 x A320

I replaced my Q400's with A320's on the later stage
1 - 2 of 2 Posts