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I find this insulting to 4H, who clearly trying to do something in Bangladesh avaition for a change. and we are putting them down.

yes, maybe some members were playing fantasy game, but it was just a little fun way of showing that we are very interested in the growth of 4H as bangladesh avaition lovers.

It was unfortunate that iasif suggested a new thred for this, it's like kicking out 4H from the main forum. Why does iasif get's upset when other members discuss 4H, it's a free world and everyone has different opinion, we should not have to open a new thread for this.

I am sure you have realised now, that this thred was a waste of time. Only 3 posts so far. I realise not all members are socalled avaition experts, but I did not know this was an expert forum, or am I missing something?
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First of all, i'm not affiliated with any airlines or with any member of regent's management team.

Using a brand name from a top player of the industry definitely shows poor business vision. When I was in UK, I had people making jokes about United and kept asking me when's Emirates Airways Bangladesh coming.

My office used united to fly our managers to business trips and most of them complained about deadly delays and tattered aircraft condition.

Your website does not contain any updated info despite having flight cancellations and schedule changes almost every day. Sometimes I schedule meetings and trips at office and I have to rely on websites.

Your sudden decision of cancelling LGW-ZYL-DAC flight at peak season forced families to cancel their holidays.

And lastly, before coming back to Dhaka from UK, after sucessfully completing a UK degree in aviation Management, I have emailed united for unpaid internship and grad job opportunities, no one from your office has managed to reply yet.

Your organisation has shown more mis-management than success, hence everyone is insulting or making fun of United Airways Bangladesh.
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