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United Mexican States one photo per day

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United Mexican States 1 or 2 photos per day

Hello everyone since a lot of countries have their own thread I thought "why not" so here it is I'll start.

Mexico's official name is the United Mexican States (now you know something new :lol:) and I or anyone as a matter of fact can contribute by posting pictures of Mexico.

State: Chihuahua
Name: Barrancas del Cobre
Info: The State of Chihuahua is slightly bigger than the size of the United Kingdom, it has some marvelous landscapes and it is the only Mexican State that gets snowfalls everyear (yes, there is some snow in Mexico:nuts:), here is the picture for today, the Barrancas del Cobre are bigger end deeper than the Grand Canyon in the US, enjoy.

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Mexicos a truly beautiful nation! its really amazing! i really hope one day i get to really see and travel Mexico! i dont want to keep going to the touristy parts and i want to see the real mexico! Amazing photos and nice work elbart :cheers:
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