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#University of KwaZulu Natal - Development Masterplan

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They have been doing similar planning to DUT by provincial government


The aim of project is to develop a long term (20 year) Spatial Master Plan for all five campuses to manage present and future spatial planning demand, accommodate shifting priorities particularly academic facilities, research facilities, student facilities demands, sports and leisure facilities, commercial initiatives, sustainability remodelling and exploring technology improvements. To also provide for the creation of a better physical teaching environment. The main objectives of this project is to provide an efficient cost effective, reliable multi modal academic, research and student residences network for present and future needs, identify and recommend space and function components which include relationships between circulation requirements and components, itemize spatial network infrastructure requirements by five year increments. Provide connectivity between university and other public facilities nodes within campus.

Five 20 Year Master Plans were produced as follows:

Howard College (Glenwood, Durban)
Pietermaritzburg Campus
Edgewood College (Pinetown, Durban)
Medical School (Berea, Durban)
Westville Campus (Westville, Durban)



Medical campus

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