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University Project help

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and i don't know which section would be appropriate for my post. So if this post is irrelevant to the section please let me know.

I'm studying in Macquarie University in NSW and i'm in an accounting unit. Our major assignment is to create a loan application to give to a bank for our made up business. The business my group has decided to make is a business catering for the construction of units/apartments. It will mostly consist of various plans: description of a business, a marketing plan, operating plan, environmental management plan and a financial plan. ->as well as the loan application.

The group has decided to make me the group leader and have given me the task of creating the marketing plan, and as a group leader i really want to do well in this assignment. So i have joined this forum in hopes to not only get help on this assignment, but to an insight into the industry from people who KNOW the industry well.

I am not looking to get someone to do the assignment for me, but to get some information, some insight, into the construction business and how i should approach my tasks.

My first question in regards to the construction business is: What type of customer would want to buy/invest in the construction of units/apartments?
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